Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #125

2021: The Year in Review | with Dr. Christine Schaffner

On This Episode

We’re all in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, so here is a mini-episode from Dr. Christine’s heart to yours! In today’s episode, she looks back at this year, all the wonderful things discussed on the podcast, and shares her plans for 2022! 

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Listen in to learn more about: 

  1. Dr. Christine’s morning routine and being intentional on how we start our day. 
  2. Thoughts on the Summits held and the various conferences attended this year.
  3. Visiting Polyface farms and learning about regenerative agriculture. 
  4. New Products, Plans, and Intentions for 2022.


Lynn McTaggert and Intention Circles 

The Energy Medicine Summit 

Dr. Christine’s Online Programs, Events & Workshops

Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Polyface Farms 

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About Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor who has helped thousands of people recover from chronic or complex illnesses. Through online summits, her Spectrum of Health podcast, the network of Immanence Health clinics, and renowned online programs, Dr. Schaffner goes beyond biological medicine, pulling from all systems of medicine and healing modalities–helping patients reclaim their wellness and reveal their brightest light.

Dr. Schaffner completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-medicine and Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

With her diverse skill set, Dr. Schaffner seeks to improve access, outcomes, and recovery speed for patients struggling with chronic, complex, and mystery illnesses. Patients travel from all around the world to reclaim their wellness using her Ecosystem & Terrain, Energy Analysis, Clear Blocks, Optimize Flow (EECO) methodology.


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