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Breanne Rice

Breanne Rice’s personal journey to health started at a young age, as she became chronically ill and suffered from severe digestive distress. By the time she was 19 years old, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called vitiligo, and what seemed to be a book’s worth of food allergies. She began a complete lifestyle change and supported her body with the proper nutrients for a healthy digestive tract. Once she took down her chronic inflammatory response to foods, all of her issues started to work themselves out. Her skin began to receive it’s pigmentation back, and she was no longer in pain with digestive issues. Today on Essential Medcast she talks with Dr Schaffner about how through her own struggle she developed a passion for nutrition to support digestion, immune and allergy. Breanne is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and works with clients all over the globe, has been published in numerous articles and magazines and is a contributing writer for South Sound Magazine, and has been a guest on TV and media programs, and often travels to speak at live events.

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