Podcast #35 Dr. Schaffner Answers YOUR Questions!

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Dr. Schaffner Podcast #35 Detoxification Demystified TODAY'S PODCAST Today on the podcast, Dr. Schaffner takes a deep dive and a powerful look at detoxification to answer your most pressing questions. Make sure that you follow Dr. Schaffner on Facebook to get your questions answered! You can visit her here: https://www.facebook.com/drschaffner/ [...]

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Podcast #34 Dr. Petra Dorfsman

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Dr. Petra Dorfsman Podcast #34 Deuterium Depletion TODAY'S PODCAST Dr. Petra Dorfsman is a board-certified naturopathic doctor of naturopathic medicine who focuses on individuals experiencing chronic health challenges. She speaks with Dr. Schaffner about deuterium and deuterium depletion - an important indicator of health that is often ignored. For more on Petra [...]

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Podcast #33 Andrea Nakayama

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Andrea Nakayama Podcast #33 Functional Nutrition TODAY'S PODCAST Andrea Nakayama has a special gift. She helps chronically ill people when nobody else can - literally. She consults other doctors on their own difficult cases. In addition to her own functional medicine practice, she also trains 1,000 functional medicine practitioners every year. She [...]

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Podcast #32 Carla Atherton

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Carla Atherton Podcast #32 Creating a Family Health Revolution TODAY'S PODCAST Carla Atherton is the Director of the Lotus Health Project and the Healthy Family Formula, Host of the Children’s Health Summit, Health and Nutrition Coach, Writer and Editor, Curriculum Developer, Publisher, Workshop Leader, Yoga Instructor, Health (R)evolutionary, and Children’s Health [...]

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Podcast #31 Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

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Bridgit Danner Podcast #31 DIY Detox TODAY'S PODCAST Bridgit Danner is a licensed Acupuncturist and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She lost everything to toxic mold, and now educates and coaches woman on how to detoxify through a functional approach. Learn about toxic mold and how to effectively combat it at [...]

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Podcast #30 Milena Simeonova

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Milena Simeonova Podcast #30 How Light Can Help or Hurt Your Brain TODAY'S PODCAST Milena Simeonova chats with Dr. Schaffner about the importance of indoor lighting in maintaining a healthy brain. She discusses ways that you can start to transform your indoor lighting to keep you healthy and happy. What [...]

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Podcast #29 Dr. Ben Lynch

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Dr. Ben Lynch Podcast #29 The Perils of Being Dehydrated TODAY'S PODCAST Dr. Ben Lynch, author of Dirty Genes and president of Seeking Health, speaks with Dr. Schaffner about the importance of hydration.  In this session, they get to the bottom of why so many people are dehydrated - and what [...]

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Podcast #28 Dr. Kelly Halderman

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Dr. Kelly Halderman Podcast #28 Phase 2.5 Detox TODAY'S PODCAST Dr. Schaffner speaks with Dr. Kelly Halderman about Phase 2.5 Detoxification which involves properly restoring biophysiology. She explains what it means and how you can get started.  What You'll Be Learning About Phase 2.5 Detoxification Restoring Biophysiology [...]

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Podcast #27 Michael McEvoy

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Michael McEvoy Podcast #27 The RCCX Phenotype & Chronic Illness TODAY'S PODCAST Michael McEvoy, founder of Metabolic Healing, speaks with Dr. Schaffner about something called the RCCX phenotype and its connection to chronic illness. What You'll Be Learning About Metabolic Healing RCCX Phenotype The Connection to Chronic [...]

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