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  • 8-day Energy Body Tune-Up Program: Increase energy, recharge your nervous system and boost healing. Environmental toxins and the common stressors of modern life are generating static in your biofield and compromising the flow and current of your energy. This course shows you how to address these energy disruptors by building a healing toolkit and balancing your nervous system for optimal healing.

  • Chronic Illness Recovery Protocol Program: In this 5-module program you will gain the knowledge and tools to help you identify toxins, detox your home environment and maintain an environment that can support healing.  If you have struggled with a chronic health condition, this education may be a game changer to help you be well and love life again.

  • Exploring Lyme Disease InnovationsThis is a powerful course offering the most advanced education on Lyme innovations and new protocols, for one of the most MISDIAGNOSED conditions of our time. Learn about Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, CFS (ME), the use of photodynamic therapy in lyme treatment, immune and drainage support nutraceuticals, the emerging challenge of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Lyme, post-C*VID Syndrome & Lyme Disease, restoring sleep & fighting insomnia in persistent lyme disease, rejuvenating breathing exercises.

  • 7-Day Lymphatic RehabYour Lymphatic System is the unsung hero of immunity and energy, constantly moving toxins out of your tissues and removing them from your cells. It has been described as the ‘distribution network’ of the immune system, working tirelessly to fight bacteria, toxins, viruses and remove waste! It also absorbs fatty acids and fats for nutrients, so it’s a huge player in your overall health, working with the liver and bile system.

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