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Connie Zack

Connie Zack, co-owner and Chief Sales Officer of Sunlighten, started the business in a basement in 1999. Her husband and co-founder Aaron Zack is the company’s CEO. Together, the Zacks have led Sunlighten to tremendous growth since those basement days. In the late 1990s, though, Connie started thinking about making a big change. A change involving infrared saunas. “My brother suffered from debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia. It was really bad. He could barely get out of bed. I was so concerned because I saw this healthy young man destroyed,” Connie explained. Infrared sauna therapy was recommended to him for detoxification. He purchased a sauna and cured himself. Amazed by Connie’s brother’s response to infrared technology, the idea for Sunlighten was hatched. The Zacks immediately knew that the business could be profitable but they were most excited by the life-changing possibilities they could offer their customers.

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