Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #214

Cutting Edge Health Secrets to Get Sharper & Younger with Jane Rogers | Episode 214

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In this enlightening episode, I sit down with Jane Rogers, who has been a patient of mine, a health activist, and podcast host of Cutting Edge Health – Preventing Cognitive Decline. We discuss Jane’s journey to heal from cognitive decline and improve her brain health using functional and regenerative medicine. Tune in to hear the importance of support, being open to new paradigms of healing, and finding the right practitioner in the context of cognitive decline.

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • Jane’s experience with memory problems and cognitive decline in her 50s, and her motivation to get to the root causes.
  • The importance of support, being open to new paradigms of healing, and finding the right practitioner.
  • How Jane worked to improve various areas like toxins, infections, hormones, blood sugar, etc. following principles of functional medicine.
  • Regenerative medicine treatments Jane tried like stem cells, ozone, and more to further boost her gains.
  • Jane’s experience with treatments like tonsil cryotherapy in Germany, fecal microbiota transplants in the UK, and others.
  • Jane’s podcast “Cutting Edge Health: Preventing Cognitive Decline” where she interviews experts on the latest science.
  • And so much more!


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About Jane Rogers

Jane Rogers has been a patient of mine for nearly a decade. I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing that she came to me showing signs of memory issues. Both her parents passed away with Alzheimer’s. 

We successfully treated the problem in its earliest stages and it worked. Today she is thriving and has made it her life’s purpose to share with others that preventing Alzheimer’s is possible.

As a  former TV news anchor and reporter, Jane is interviewing medical experts on this topic from all over the world for her podcast: Cutting Edge Health – Preventing Cognitive Decline. She’s also launched an online course on how to slow aging and prevent these issues.