The Science Behind 4th
Phase (Structured) Water

Watch and learn about Structured Water’s harmonizing frequencies on EMFs, harmful chemicals, natural immune function, the healing process, and more.

The times we’re living in are causing us to rethink so many things that we’ve always believed were true. On top of that most of us have a renewed sense of appreciation for things we took for granted. 


We’ve always believed it’s H2O and probably took for granted that clean, safe water would be available to us. 

Over the past several years, some exciting and dynamic research has emerged about water. 

Beyond liquid, solid, and vapor, there’s a 4th Phase of water (also known as Structured Water, Exclusion Zone Water, and H3O2). While we were all assuming we knew water, Dr. Gerald Pollack was forming a new relationship with water, learning about H302. 

H302 is the 4th phase of water. Somewhere between a liquid and a solid, there’s a gel state to water. It’s not thick, but more silky than H2O with one extra hydrogen and oxygen molecule. 

And guess what? H3O2 is the kind of water that’s in our body and our fruits and vegetables. This discovery by Dr. Pollack is a game-changer when it comes to defining what it means to be well-hydrated. Optimal hydration requires water to be able to get into your cells easily and H3O2 is the ticket.

Watch as Gina Bria, and Patrick Durkin joined Dr. Schaffner to discuss the latest cutting-edge science and research on the effects of structured water’s harmonizing frequencies on EMFs, harmful chemicals, natural immune function, the healing process, and more. 

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device Highlights:

  • Water is structured and transformed into H3O2 for optimal intra-cellular hydration
  • Certified by Gina Bria’s HyFo Lab
  • Remineralizes water which helps alleviate effects from our minerally depleted foods
  • Restores reverse osmosis water back to its natural, healthy state

Aqua Energizer systems are the superior technology for structuring water. They’re the first scientifically verified and certified line of structured water devices in the world.  Each unit is hand-assembled from copper, quartz, and minerals.


I use distilled water, would a magnetic stirrer re-structure the water?

Everything is always structuring water. Our words, sounds, movements, etc. So a magnetic stirrer would structure water. The question is: is the structure of your water harmonized or chaotic? The devices offered by The Wellness Enterprise are the only ones we have found that bring water to a harmony and vibration that we are comfortable representing. Every device that brings more harmony to water is worthy of consideration.


How does structured water help with brain detox and expansion of brain function?  What does the research show and what is on the cutting edge of practice?  

We are not doctors and every individual body operates differently so there is no way to address the specific concern raised here. However, what we can say is that leading doctors are talking about structured water. Many doctors say structured water strengthens the immune system, balances hormones, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, improves sleep, boosts mood, enhances brain function, improves autoimmune conditions, and increases charge in the body. These benefits seem to be applicable to all issues with optimal body performance. 


Does chilling the water in the fridge help restructure it? I buy filtered water, but it’s filtered by reverse osmosis which disrupts the structure. Thank you

No. Our experience is that refrigerating water is neutral and sometimes even detrimental for structure. 


How much pink Himalayan salt should we add to our water?

Experience has taught us that when we need more salt it tastes good and when we are saturated it tastes bad. Follow your knowing as sensed with your taste buds. 


I have well water, however, our soil absorbs the fertilizers and chemicals so we also have a reverse osmosis system. What else would you add to the water system?

We would add a structuring device to increase the charge after you have added minerals back to the water to restore what is lost in reverse osmosis. 


I’m currently using a Berkey filtration system, wondering about your thoughts on this?

Structuring water changes the physics or energy of the water. Filtering water changes the chemistry of water. From the testing that we’ve done, structuring remains the same whether the filter goes before or after the structuring device. If your water tastes and smells good and is safe to drink without a filtration system, a structured water device may be all you need. For those who choose a filter, our experience is that Berkey is a very high quality one. 

I drink and cook with Spring Water and my understanding is that Spring water is considered structured water.  Is this true?

Yes. Harvesting water from a spring in nature is one of our favorites. 


If I swill water around my mouth when drinking will that help to restructure it?

Everything structures water. The question is are we moving toward a more harmonized or chaotic structure. Putting your intention on structuring is likely to be the strongest force in this scenario. We don’t think the effect of swirling water in the mouth is likely to be a strong enough field to be detected. 


Does just using a funnel to pour “clean” water into a glass work well enough?

We’re not aware of any effect from just using a funnel. Our work over the last year has shown us that the Aqua Energizers are actually part alchemy. It is possible to assemble the parts and not have one work. The components that structure water at a very high level can be elusive and require great attention to detail.


Is there a difference in the type of water? Tap, Brita/our/etc or Berkey? The variation in mineral levels in different areas?

Mineral concentration is different in water across the country and the globe. The type of water does not change the function of the structuring device. Structuring water addresses the energetic aspects of clean water that chemistry-based filters do not. 


What is your take on the book Dancing with Water, The New Science of Water, by MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans?

We see it as credible, authentic work. 


Are you saying that reverse osmosis for your tap is no good since it removes all minerals?

We avoid RO whenever possible. RO is a very intense process for water and it seems to create a more sterile and lifeless water. If you’d like to see for yourself, start a couple of seeds or water a couple of plants with reverse osmosis. Then also start some seeds with the most vibrant water you have access to, meaning tap or structured if you have it, to compare. 


When eating a high plant diet, do those plants have to be raw to retain the structured water? What if I’m eating a lot of cooked mushrooms?

Plants retain the structure of the water inside themselves. Raw is great but even sautéed they still are full of hydration, full of structured, perfected water.  Say if raw veggies or fruits are 85-95% water, roasted or sautéed will still be 50% or more. Our focus on this concept is to teach that more water in your diet through plants is better. 


But presumably ‘dried’ mushroom powder and other powders contain much less structured water.  Does rehydration of powders increase structured water or is it too late by then?  Perhaps rehydrate with structured water rather than ‘tap’ water?

Right off the vine is the best place to eat vegetables and all their water richness. Rehydrate if that is the best choice available to you and structure when you can. As the mushroom powder rehydrates it is structuring the water it touches, demonstrated by Dr. Pollack’s work. 


What is the effect of microwaves on water?

Microwaves vibrate water very rapidly and cause it to heat unevenly. Although structured water has not been tested to see if it is still structured after being microwaved, given the unnatural waves and vibrations that it is exposed to inside the microwave, it is clear the microwave moves water toward chaos and water from optimum structure and harmony. Microwave ovens operate on gigahertz frequencies very similar to most 4G cellular networks. So, every time you turn on your microwave oven, you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation densities which are thousands of times higher than your cell phone. We already know that we do not want to be exposed to EMFs, so I threw my microwave out years ago.


Does water TEMPERATURE play a role in structured water?

The temperature of water does not affect it, according to water scientist Dr. Jerry Pollack with Hyfo Labs, LLC. Many cultures drink room temperature, warm, or even hot water. 


Please suggest where to get practical, easy-to-implement advice? with not a lot of time/money, etc. Thank you!

Read the books Quench by Gina Bria and Flow by Patrick Durkin and follow the free advice which generally points to more time in nature, more water rich foods and more minerals. 


Can structured water be used effectively in organic hydroponic and aeroponic food growing systems?

Yes. There are no limits for the use of structured water. 



Do the EMFs affect/ cause water retention in the body?

We are not doctors and every individual body operates differently so there is no way to address the specific concern raised here. However, what we can say is that leading doctors are talking about structured water. Many doctors say structured water strengthens the immune system, balances hormones, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, improves sleep, boosts mood, enhances brain function, improves autoimmune conditions, and increases charge in the body. These benefits seem to be applicable to all issues with optimal body performance. 


With the whole house water structuring device, does the strength of the structure stay even with EMFs everywhere?

Yes, that is our experience. 


Does water have the ability to store memories?

Yes, this is illustrated in the work of several scientists, specifically the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He and other scientists have shown that water has a consciousness and the ability to hold the memories of what it was exposed to. This principle is also shown in homeopathic medicine. 


Does Heartmath which promotes a state of coherence also improve structured water hydration?

Our understanding is that Heartmath can be used to increase coherence and this is a benefit to water and hydration. 



How often does the unit need to be replaced or re-energized?

In a world of trash heaps caused by planned obsolescence, we specifically engineered these products with longevity and service to humanity. Each device comes with a 7-year warranty and we believe the devices will last a lifetime. 


I’m wanting to get the structured water system, I’m in Canada, is there info for international shipping?

We offer free international shipping all over the world. The customer is responsible for any duty or customs charges. 


Can you please explain how the Aqua Energizer device restructures the water more? 

We are still coming to understand all of the subtleties of this. What we know is the inventor of the Aqua Energizers focused on charge and frequency as the progenitors to the vortex. Coming from this different place has produced a very different outcome. What we know for sure is this new design generates test results that are different from anything we’ve ever seen before. 


Does the aqua energizer filter out all the bad stuff? chorline, floride etc.?

Aqua Energizers rearrange molecules; they don’t remove them. We recommend studying the principles presented by Dr. Emoto and homeopathy to further understand the contention that without structuring water to rearrange molecules, the water will never be safe. We favor structuring water as the most essential element of safe water and only use filtering as an option. 


Does the AquaEnergizer need to be replaced after some time?

Aqua Energizer units are engineered with heavy gauge copper with a service working pressure of 420 PSI, which under normal water pressure and use conditions (40 PSI, no substantial corrosive effects) offers a life expectancy of up to 100 years.

The units are certified to work at 80 PSI, which in most areas is the highest pressure allowable in homes. Using the device at 80 PSI offers a life expectancy of 50 years. While our intentions and materials are chosen to support you for the longest time possible, please be aware that these are expectations and not a warranty. The warranty for the Aqua Energizer is 7 years.

Since it has copper inside, has any research been done on the connections to copper in your device and cancer?

The amount of copper which might be dissolved in the water is in the parts per billion. Copper is used internationally as the gold standard for pumping due to its safety. This is a result of the low toxicity of copper to humans and its high toxicity to human pathogens. We have chosen copper for our device housing in order to meet the highest standard for plumbing materials internationally.

In an effort to further understand this position and check our work, we consulted with one of the world’s foremost experts in copper, Morley Robbins of the Root Cause Protocol.  Mr. Robbins assured us not only of the safety of our devices, but also of the grave misunderstanding of copper toxicity by the public.  Mr. Robbins publishes extensive information on the importance of copper in energy creation and exhaust removal in the human body.  For further information, we highly recommend visiting his site:  Root Cause Protocol

So this reminds me of the Dr. Emoto water experiments in Japan, and the microscope photos that were very distinctive… do you have any microscope photos of before-and-after?

The blue minerals on the outside of the device as well as the colors we have chosen are specifically intended to create a beautiful image at the Hado Lab (which uses the Emoto process). We will be sending a device to them very soon and are excited to see the results!


I would like to see the before and after photos from under a microscope.  Hopefully that lab analysis has been done and the photos and/or videos are available for substantiation of the thesis.

The Aqua Energizers are new to the market and we are publishing more science all the time. For the latest published information visit this link:


Would we still need a regular filter (ex reverse osmosis) first then the Aqua Energizer? Plus also shower head filter or just for the sink/tap drinking water?

This question has to be answered by each person individually. Our recommendation is to experience an Aqua Energizer first before making a choice about a filter. You may find your concerns that had you considering a filter are fully satisfied by the Aqua Energizer.

Aqua Energizers come in House, Portable, Shower, Sink and Garden models. 


How does the Aqua Energizer differ from the Natural Actions Technology portable device? 

Aqua Energizers (AE) are the only structured water device certified with the methodology of Dr. Gerald Pollack to structure water. Other testing of AE’s shows substantial changes in water chemistry that we have not seen from a different structured water device. To learn more about the published science of Aqua Energizers, click this link:

The Wellness Enterprise practices Sacred Commerce and as such we have a generous trade-in program for those who purchased Natural Action in the past and would like to have Aqua Energizers now. You can learn more here:

Please detail how the whole house unit works – does it filter / clean in some way?”

The resistance of the flow of water through the crystals creates electromagnetic waves that shift the oxidation states of the minerals and elements and change the bond angle of the water to structure it. The device uses physics to change the chemistry of the water, allowing toxins to be neutralized and give energy to the water. 


I am having issues with installing – How do you instruct a plumber to install this device?

Devices are easy to install. Simply provide the plumber with the instructions for your product.  

Whole House Device

Whole House Installation Instructions

Garden Device

The Aqua Energizer Garden Device comes equipped with standard garden hose fittings allowing it to be attached directly to your garden hose or garden faucet. 

Attach the garden device to your faucet as you would attach a hose. 

Place fittings flush with faucet and twist clockwise until leaking ceases. 


Shower Device

The Aqua Energizer Shower Device comes equipped with standard half inch male and female threads for each installation. 

For easy attachment identify the water pipe leading to shower hose or fixture.

Twist counter clockwise until the hose or showerhead has been completely disconnected. 

Place the female side of shower unit to the water supply line and rotate clockwise until fitting is snug.

Then reattach hose or shower head by twisting clockwise until snug on male end of Aqua Energizer Shower Device. 

If your supply hose line does not have rubber gaskets then use teflon tape when installing. 

Sink Device

The Aqua Energizer Under Sink Device comes equipped with standard ⅜ inch fittings. 

  1. Locate supply line for sink
  2. Shut off water
  3. Detach hose from supply line
  4. Place Aqua Energizer female fitting onto supply line
  5. Rotate clockwise until snug
  6. Reattach hose to ⅜ inch Aqua Energizer male adapter and rotate clockwise until snug 

If your supply hose line does not have rubber gaskets then use teflon tape when installing.