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“I am dedicated to shifting the paradigm of chronic illness as we heal our ecosystem, terrain, microbiome, traumas, lineage, and connect to the purpose we were divinely assigned, our healing creates a ripple effect.”

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Founder & Physician | Immanence Health

Experience EECO™

Full Spectrum Healing

Our EECO System captures the big picture: your body’s internal environment, how it interacts with the world around you, and identifies your obstacles and path for healing. This is why our patients get results.

Environment & Terrain Support

Where we work and live, who we interact with each day, what clothing we wear, the toxins to which we are exposed, and a long list of subtle environmental factors all contribute to our healing journey.

Energy System Support

Our body is constantly bombarded by waves and vibrations--becoming energy depleted. Each person is built to self regulate and to heal, but as we get stressed or encounter environments that are damaging to our body, our cells produce less and less.

Clearing Blocks: Interference Fields

Interference Fields are scars and other areas that can bioaccumulate environmental toxins, metabolic toxins and trauma which restrict normal energy flow perpetuate illness, and prevent healing.

Optimizing Flow & Drainage

The body is unable to release toxins–whether they be physical, emotional, or energetic–if detoxification and drainage is not completed to open pathways to support optimal flow.

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Lisa Rudy Williams Episode #63

Dr. Christine Schaffner was honored to interview Lisa Rudy Williams, her dear friend and patient. Her journey is a gift to share to others and how people who are in the same boat can heal. They talk about the biggest challenges in a Lyme disease treatment journey, the most important factor.

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Kelly Kennedy Episode #53

The body’s lymphatic system is like the interconnected pathways of health. Kelly Kennedy discusses how toxic health stressors and a lack of proper nutrition cause a breakdown in a person’s immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation, a leading cause to dis-ease.

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Palmer Kippola Episode #41

The author of “Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health”, Palmer Kippola, shares how her personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis has set her on a journey to help others fight complex chronic conditions.

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