Dr. Schaffner Podcast #35
Detoxification Demystified


Today on the podcast, Dr. Schaffner takes a deep dive and a powerful look at detoxification to answer your most pressing questions.

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  • [3:06] The Real Role of Binders: Binders bind different biotoxins, environmental toxicants, and neurotoxins in the intestines. They include modified citrus peptic and charcoal. You take them either 30 minutes before a meal or an hour after a meal. They can aid in the removal of heavy metals and other toxicants.

  • [7:08] Dental Detox – One of the Most Often Overlooked Keys to Health. With amalgam fillings, used by many dentists, one of the component metals is mercury, which is highly neurotoxic. And root canals can allow certain bacteria to grow if not monitored and treated properly. During the removal of wisdom teeth part of a bone may be missed. This bone fragment becomes dead/necrotic and serves as a home for bacteria and viruses.

  • [13:21] What Are Mycotoxins and Lymph Drainage: There is a lymphatic system in our gut, abdomen and neck. If the abdomen is not draining right it can create a blockage issue for lymph trying to drain out of the neck. The Sophia Health and Wellness Institute has a special cream and massage designed to fix these blockages.

  • [16:11] Women Who Have Explanted: Women who had breast implants and decided to remove them either before/during their time with the naturopath. The breasts contain lymphatic tissue, so it is important to attempt to heal any scars from this surgery. At Sophia, we inject a material which can help dissolve the scar tissue (as a form of neural therapy).

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