Dr. Christine Schaffner Podcast #82

Electric Body, Electric Health with Eileen Day McKusick

On Today's Episode

In today’s episode, Dr. Christine Schaffner talks with Eileen Day McKusick. Eileen discusses Electric Health as the new paradigm in health and wellness. Electric Health is seeing our body’s electrical system as the primary driver of our overall health, our body follows suit. Moving from “thinking chemically” to “thinking electrically” liberates us into a whole new dimension of possibilities!

Additional Highlights Include:

  1. Learning how we can take better care of our electric health.
  2. The role emotions play in our electric health
  3. The more we work to bring ourselves into harmony, the more we will influence those around us.

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Discover a NEW approach to health! Recognizing that life is made up of energy (your biofield) – and that energy has its own resonance – biofield medicine sees disease and suffering as disruptions. From this perspective, optimizing and calibrating the biofield and energetic body is possible via energy frequency and vibration to recreate a systemic resonance of healing.

About Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick is an independent researcher who has been studying health since 1987 and therapeutic sound since 1996. She is the originator of the sound therapy method Biofield Tuning and the author of the books Tuning the Human Biofield, and Electric Body Electric Health.