Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #246

Exploring Light and Leptin: Hormone Balance Naturally with Sarah Kleiner | Episode 246

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In this episode of the Spectrum of Health Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Kleiner about the fascinating world of quantum biology and its impact on our health. Sarah shared her insights on the importance of light, leptin, and exclusion zone water in optimizing our body’s energy production and overall well-being. We discussed how circadian rhythms affect our hormones, the benefits of morning sunlight, and the potential dangers of excessive blue light exposure. Sarah also shared her personal experiences with improving her health through these methods and how she’s applying this knowledge to help her daughter with autoimmune challenges.

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • The importance of morning sunlight for setting circadian rhythms and hormone regulation
  • How leptin acts as a master circadian signaling hormone, affecting various bodily systems
  • The potential benefits of grounding, cold therapy, and infrared exposure
  • The importance of balancing light exposure throughout the day, including reducing blue light in the evening
  • Sarah’s approach to hydration, including the use of spring water and molecular hydrogen
  • How lunar cycles can be used to guide fasting and other hormetic stressors, especially for women
  • The development of an app to help people optimize their circadian rhythms and health practices
  • And so much more!


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About Sarah Kleiner

Sarah Kleiner has over 13 years of experience working one-on-one with clients to optimize nutrition, lifestyle & mindset. Her goal is to shift the paradigm when it comes to health & light, and help people integrate these principles into their lives in a modern world.