Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #237

Extraordinary Health Benefits of Coherent Water with Mario Brainovic | Episode 237

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Mario Brainović, an entrepreneur, researcher, and visionary in the field of health and wellness. Our discussion was fascinating as we dived into the world of coherent water. What is coherent water? What are the benefits of drinking coherent water? Mario provides detailed insights into these questions as well as his revolutionary products – the Analemma Wand and Whole-house Analemma!

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • What is coherent water?
  • How did the research of Analemma water / coherent water come about?
  • The scientific research behind Analemma and coherent water 
  • Benefits of drinking coherent water
  • And so much more!


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About Mario Brainovic

Mario is an entrepreneur, researcher and visionary in the field of health and wellness. For years he ran a successful international advertising agency and a production house. He was always very passionate about health and wellness, about finding natural ways to heal, regenerate and restore the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. This led him to establish a natural pharmaceutical company that successfully helped many people for years. 

After a while, he became very passionate about water. Realizing its extraordinary significance he established New Earth Technologies, a company that offers the miracle of Analemma Water to the world.