Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #193

From Trauma to Healing: The Power of Quantum Biology |  Jason Prall and Dr. Christine Schaffner

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What happens when a mechanical engineer turns his attention to the mysteries of quantum biology and the power of intention in healing?

I enjoyed exploring just that in my enlightening conversation with a health educator, practitioner, author, and filmmaker Jason Prall, as we discussed his groundbreaking work and his newly released book, Beyond Longevity.


In this episode, Jason and I  dive into fascinating topics such as vibrational patterns, resonance, and frequency and how these unseen energies affect our biology. We discuss the importance of living in tune with nature, embracing the feminine aspects of our being, and cultivating trust and safety in the healing process. Jason shares his insights on the power of intention in aligning with our deepest desires and the role it can play in facilitating healing.


Jason’s wisdom and expertise in this area are truly inspiring, and his passion for helping others thrive at any age shines through in this conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true master in health and wellness.


Listen in to learn more from my conversation with Jason

  • (0:09:19) – Vibrational Patterns and Intelligence in Life
  • (0:26:41) – The Power of Intention and Being
  • (0:36:14) – Intention, Trust, and Trauma Healing
  • (0:56:20) – Alignment for Health and Happiness

– Dr. Christine 


Connect with Jason Prall 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/humanlongevityproject/                 https://www.instagram.com/jason.prall/ 

Facebook Page  – https://www.facebook.com/thehumanlongevityproject/                             https://www.facebook.com/jason.prall/ 

Websites: awakenedhealthacademy.com & beyondlongevitybook.com

About Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author, & filmmaker. In 2018, his independent research and practitioner experience led him to create “The Human Longevity Project”, a 9-part film series that uncovers the true nature of the chronic disease in our modern world. He’s currently working on his next film series, which explores ancient methods of healing mind, body, and soul from indigenous cultures worldwide. And he’s recently released his best-selling new book, “Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age.”