Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #170

Gemmotherapy: Creating Rejuvenation using Plant Stem Cells| Jennifer Payeur, Dr. Marie Rodriguez with Dr. Christine Schaffner

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The amazing human body was designed to be completely self-cleaning. The lymphatic system is the star of this process, and its job is to remove wastes from the cells. Clean cells produce clean tissue and reproduce clean, healthy cells. Eliminating roadblocks to lymphatic drainage is one of the pillars of Dr. Christine’s practice. 

Today on the Spectrum of Health Podcast, Dr. Christine shares a webinar that she recently did with her special guests, Jennifer Payeur, and Dr. Marie Rodriguez. They discussed gemmotherapy, its benefits, Dr. Christine’s new product, and its protocol. 

Listen in to learn more: 

  • {02:45} About Jennifer Payeur 
  • {07:35} What is Gemmotherapy
  • {19:35} About Dr. Marie Rodriguez and her work 
  • {45:22} The Living Matrix
  • {49:21} Sweet Chestnut


Watch the webinar replay – click here!

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Jennifer Payeur
Website – https://nature-provides.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ancientplantwisdom 

Dr. Marie Rodriguez 

Website: https://drmarierodriguez.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmarierodriguez/ 


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About Jennifer Payeur

Jennifer grew up in Dayton, Ohio as a fearless, nature-loving tomboy. She played every sport she had access to and excelled as a natural leader. She continued playing competitive volleyball and soccer into her 40s because she loved the excitement, comradery, and tenacity required to play.

In 2004, Jennifer began shifting her focus inward on personal transformation. She pursued many holistic modalities, including Barbara Brennan’s energy healing, master gardening, medicinal aromatherapy, yoga, and a ministry of the walking prayer, all while continuing her work in corporate. Being diagnosed with cancer in 2015 brought her the gift of deeply reconnecting with herself and nature. She re-discovered the healing power of plants and integrated the many modalities that she learned with her study of plants. In 2017, she left her 29-year career in financial services to become a teacher and mentor, traveling worldwide to educate others on the inherent healing properties of nature.

In 2019, Jennifer started Nature Provides, which aims to transform health and well-being through organic plant-based herbs and essential oils. She believes collaborating with nature can create a healthy, thriving world and sustainable earth. 

About Dr. Marie Rodriguez 

While Dr. Marie was fascinated by human physiology and the study of human systems,

She wanted to work in a way that created more contact with herself and her clients.

Naturopathic medicine was a natural fit. ‘Healer heals thyself’ is a big theme for many healers. She chugged along through 5 yrs of naturopathic medical school, completed a demanding residency, and right after that, volunteered for a year at a free clinic in Nicaragua, where she gained a lot of experience in emergent care.


So when it came time for her to begin her practice in Washington, D.C., everything seemed to catch up with Dr. Marie all at once. She had various unpleasant symptoms: fibromyalgia pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, adrenal exhaustion, and intestinal malabsorption issues.

Dietary changes and nutritional supplements – the mainstay of naturopathic practice – were only a fraction of what began restoring her health. She made tremendous gains with energy healing; after her first session, Dr. Marie noticed a clear mind and a positive mood for weeks. She grew inspired to begin studying a myriad of energetic healing modalities. And the more Dr. Marie learned, the healthier I became – anxiety and depression were entirely resolved during my studies of shamanic healing.

In addition to extensive shamanic training, She has been a long-time meditation practitioner and family constellation facilitator.