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Today’s Innovative Hydration Systems

with Dr. Christine, Gina Bria & Kenny Lu

Aqua Energizer systems are the superior technology for structuring water. They’re the first scientifically verified and certified line of structured water devices in the world. Each unit is hand assembled from copper, quartz and minerals. What system should you get? Here is a summary – please consider your lifestyle and the needs of yourself and your family, including your furry friends. The Aqua Energizer Whole House Device will fill every pipe in your home with structured water and turn your ordinary tap water into the fuel your cells are craving no matter where you are. The Aqua Energizer Structured Portable Device is handheld and easy to carry around when you’re out and about. You can also use it in your home in your sinks and faucets, for your pets and your plants. It’s structured water right at your fingertips. Aqua Energizer Shower Structured Water Device gives you an invigorating bathing experience with supercharged structured water. Just turn on your shower and you…

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