Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #194

Harnessing Ancient Wisdom and Modern Tech for Human Potential|  David Wong and Dr. Christine Schaffner

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Can technology really enhance our human potential and open the doors to ancient wisdom?

Join me as I explore this fascinating concept with my guest, David Wong, and unlock the secrets of energy medicine and biophysics for healing and self-improvement. We delve into Chinese Medicine, the life force known as Qi, and how modern science can help us measure and replicate this powerful energy.

Discover David’s revolutionary magnetic field technology as we demonstrate how it can transform sound into a soothing energy field and produce incredible results in just a few sessions. We also discuss the spiritual energy of sacred geometry, its connection to fusion energy, and the potential of infinite energy. As a bonus, we introduce you to the Rife app and the Resonant Console, two groundbreaking applications with the three-order max system to help you optimize your health.

Learn about the seven free frequencies on David’s website and how they benefit your body and mind. This conversation offers valuable insights and sets you on a better, brighter, healthier future.

Listen in to learn more about my eye-opening conversation on the future of medicine: 

  • (0:14:30) – Exploring Magnetic Field Technology
  • (0:23:37) – Healing Technology and Quantum Entanglement
  • (0:35:06) – Frequency Technology for Health Optimization
  • (0:38:23) – The Future of Medicine

Dr. Christine 


Connect with David Wong

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@frequencyexpert 

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@qicoil 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidwongmastery 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QiLifeMastery 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QiLifeMastery 

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Store: https://www.qilifestore.com

About David Wong

David Wong, “The Qi Master,” is a best-selling author, visionary inventor, martial artist, qi gong practitioner, and entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness, and a world-class expert on Qi Energy and the science of Life Force.

His charismatic mission is to empower others to self-heal easily without relying on pills or invasive procedures.

His transformation journey began when he self-healed from an incurable digestive disease that he had for over ten years – achieved with only frequency and energy devices in less than 12 weeks. This led him to the research and development of many frequency-based technologies such as the Qi Coil™ and QiEnergy.Ai.   By integrating ancient wisdom and modern science, he has deciphered the code to longevity, anti-aging, optimal fitness, and beauty – as well as happiness and altered mind states that some say are everyone’s hidden superpower.

His life-long passion is to help other truth seekers transform 1% a day and unlock their human potential – in essence, healing and raising the resonance of the world.

David currently resides in Canada and spends his free time practicing qi gong, piano, and martial arts (as a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student) with his two dogs at the park.