Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #182

Healing Through Adversity| Dr. Stephanie Canestraro with Dr. Christine Schaffner

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On this episode of the Spectrum of Health Podcast, Dr. Christine sits down with Dr. Stephanie Canestraro, Functional Medicine Chiropractor and the owner of the Vagus Clinic. They discuss Dr. Stephanie’s own healing journey, and she shares all about  EMF sensitivity, mass cell activation, neural therapy, and more.

Listen in to learn more about Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Christine’s discussion :


  • {02:07} Dr. Stephanie’s journey with Lyme Disease and her ongoing recovery
  • {10:55} The Intersection of EMF and Health
  • {24:15} The Power of the Vagus Nerve 
  • {31:50} Managing Histamine Reactions, Tools for Sensitive People and much more! 

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Dr. Christine 

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Instagram : @dr.scanestraro | @vagusclinic 

Website: www.vagusclinic.com

About Dr. Stephanie Canestraro

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro’s journey into Functional Medicine and specializing in the Vagus Nerve started with a painful personal history that ultimately gave her the determination to innovate her field and help others. Persevering through the agony of her health issues, Dr. Canestraro applied what she learned from the top functional medicine professionals to her own symptoms and finally overcame her condition. Whether she’s helping an athlete deal with pressure, recommending a nutrient and supplement regime, or applying one of the numerous treatment methods she’s educated in, Dr. Canestraro is pioneering an overlooked field of Functional Medicine while helping the world’s top sports stars optimize every aspect of their bodies.