Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #243

Health Tips From a Natural Detoxification Expert Spencer Feldman | Episode 243

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In this fascinating episode, I sit with Spencer Feldman to dive deep into cutting-edge detoxification solutions. Spencer shares his own health journey that led him to become a medical detective of sorts, uncovering the root causes behind many chronic conditions like brain fog and chronic fatigue.

We discuss the vital importance of proper detoxification pathways for removing heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins from the body safely and effectively. Our conversation also covers the pivotal role of the microbiome and how to re-acidify the gut to rebalance the terrain. You’ll also learn the correct way to remove toxins from your body and how to prevent getting stuck in a “detox trap”.

If you want to deepen your understanding of how to gently and systematically remove obstacles to healing, this information-packed episode is a must-listen!

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • The correct way to remove toxins from your body and how to prevent getting stuck in a “detox trap”
  • How to test your gut pH and why it’s the key to a healthy microbiome
  • The pivotal role of the microbiome in health
  • Impacts of accumulated acids in connective tissues
  • Practical advice on how anyone can optimize for good health
  • Underappreciated importance of bicarbamet for many functions
  • Ways that men can improve impotence and other issues
  • And so much more!


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About Spencer Feldman

Spencer is a multiple patent-holding inventor and the founder of Remedylink. For 23 years, he has been using his training in holistic health, chelation therapy, and detoxification to formulate and manufacture detoxification products for doctors and their patients.