Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #147

Healing Ancestral Inheritance with Liver and Bile Flow| Masami Covey with Dr. Christine Schaffner 

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Ancestral traumas have the potential to impact subsequent generations—and this “epigenetic inheritance” may influence your genetic expressions and modify your overall health. But your future isn’t set in stone.  

In today’s episode, Dr. Christine Schaffner talks with Masami Covey about our ancestral inheritance and how it affects our health. Masami shares how we can open and nourish our bodies to heal from past trauma.

As a Health Intuitive, Functional Nutritional Therapist, and internationally recognized speaker, Masami reveals the root causes of imbalance using intuitive insights, a whole-person approach, and laser-pointed guidance. She has the ability to translate our subtle “body language” and provide practical daily tools, nutrient recommendations, breathwork, and more.

Listen in to learn more: 

  • Masami’s work on how she came to connect transgenerational inheritance with the health of one’s liver and gallbladder {02:05}  
  • The modern terrain chemicals and their effects on us {12:45}
  • How to facilitate ending an ancestral inheritance {15:58}
  • Opening and nourishing your heart {38:16}

Resources : 

 Connect with Masami

Website: https://mybreatheinc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenshinmethod/ 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/masamicovey 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/masamicovey 

Check out Masami’s course on Metabolic Energy and Cosmic Flow –Breath, Brain, Bile, and Boundaries (plus Energy Medicine Tool Kit Bundle)


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About Masami Covey

Masami is an experienced Health Intuitive℠, somatic practitioner, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Positive Neuroplasticity Practitioner, applied linguist, and faculty member at The Shift Network. 

Masami believes that we are each our primary healer. She offers a dynamic framework for connecting our subtle “body language” with physiology, anatomy, emotion, nutrition, and lifestyle practices. She embraces the power of both scientific knowledge and focused intuition to reveal the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit.  

Masami provides highly personalized health support for all ages, applying the foundations of nutritional science, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), yoga therapy, breathwork, and Ayurveda.

Nutrition has become a central aspect of Masami’s work. After working with clients since 1999, she experienced a complete physical breakdown of her body with an initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, and injuries from a severe car accident in 2012. She discovered in her practice that nutrition was the missing element in healing and supporting long-lasting health.

She and her husband, Chris, developed the Zenshin Method, a whole-person approach that empowers individuals to become experts of themselves, and shine as who they are.

Masami was born and raised in Japan in a bi-cultural family, and she draws extensively from her blend of East-meets-West cultural, linguistic, and energy healing experiences.