Spring is the perfect time to detox your body

Support your immune system and bulk up your immune defense this year using some of my favorite tried and true products that can help protect against exposure to daily toxins and stressors.

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

Naturopathic Physician and Detoxification Expert

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Hello, everyone! I’m Dr. Christine Schaffner, and I wanted to tell you about 3 of my favorite products for supporting your immune system during these times we have been facing….

Your immune system is the forefront of your defense against both external and internal stressors and toxins.

And when your immune system gets bombarded by everyday stressors, low quality foods, and environmental toxins, it can become off-balanced and leave the door wide open for chronic infections, allergies, and autoimmune disease.

Especially now that we are getting together with friends and enjoying the warmer weather, we want to support you immune system.

Having said all of that, I wanted to share my favorite immune supporting products that I’ve chosen for my new Immune Bundle.

This first product is something that I use myself, and highly recommend to anyone looking to protect and support their immune system function.

Nature Provides sources these wonderful embryonic plant stem cells from Italy.  It’s a biodynamically grown farm where they pick the fresh buds and shoots of the plants during springtime and they time that in a way where they get the most potent healing effect from the plants.

And what happens afterward is that they make what we call a glycerin adn alcohol master, so it’s a combination of alcohol and glycerin to extract the healing potential from the plants.  And then there’s a specific proces where they bring the ash, and put it back into the formulas to enhance the mineral content of these formulas.

Gemmotherapy has traditionally been known to really help support the extracellular matrix support the lymphatics

So, when we think about the need for spring cleaning, we can feel that we’re coming out of winter, so we can emerge from the sluggish and slower times of year into the regenerative growth of spring.

But spring also has a bellweather hallmark: allergy season.

The great news is that allergies can be modulated and mitigated, especially when your body is in a cleansing process.    So if you’re struggling with fatigue, or brain fog,  or sinus congestion, allergies, weight gain or even gut issues, this is a good time to think about cleansing and supporting your body with a detox.

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This first product is something that I use myself, and highly recommend to anyone looking to protect and support their immune system function.


Backed by over 30 years of clinical research, Paximune Natural Immune Supporting Oral Spray is a naturally-derived glycoprotein that targets and abolishes harmful pathogens including bacteria, fungi, viruses, microbes, pollutants, and more.  

And it uses Bovine proteins to help support and modulate the immune system, especially towards viruses. 

And there are 2 ways you can use it:

  1. You can use it one or twice a day simply as a nasal spray 
  2. Or, there is another trick where you can actually spray it in the back of your throat, much like the way you would use a throat spray

This oral spray is an absolute must-have for the entire family, including children, and certainly for anyone who has difficulty swallowing because it doesn’t involve any pills, capsules, or liquid to swallow!

In addition to the Paximune, here is another product I love …


Clear Mind Nasal Spray fits perfectly in this Immune Bundle. 

This very powerful nasal spray was created by my dear friend Dr. Greg Eckel, and has a few KEY ingredients that can really offer a lot of support for your immune system right now… 

Clear Mind is a combination of a stabilized form of HOCL (something our body naturally produces, as well) which helps our white blood cells clear and fight infections. And by using it in the nose, we are gaining the support we need against everything we are exposed to environmentally, as well as supporting the nasal microbiome… 

Clear Mind Nasal Spray

And DMSO which helps to deliver the HOCL deeper into the body… 

And finally, another key ingredient is the addition of essential oils. 

This is important because anytime that we put anything in our nose, we also access the brain. 

So not only do the essential oils help through smell, they can also help reduce inflammation through entry into the brain. Making this nasal spray a really great immune protocol supporter and also great for any neuroinflammation that may be going on.

And finally, the third product in the Immune Bundle is my all-time favorite Vitamin D3 K2 supplement.

D3 Complex

This is a tried and true D3 product (did I mention it was my favorite?) and it’s loaded with vitamins A, D, E, and K2. 

With summer quickly approaching, my hope for you is that you will not be afraid of being outside in the sun. Instead, I want you to enjoy the sunshine and all of its benefits, including the benefit of making your own vitamin D3 naturally.

At the same time, Vitamin D3 Complete is a wonderful tool to have in your health tool kit that will help you strengthen your immune system and allow you to rest easy knowing you have the appropriate vitamin D levels. 

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Remember: Supporting your immune system is a powerful step to achieving the health goals that you’ve set for yourself for years to come.

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Thank you so much!

Dr. C
Christine Schaffner, ND