Despite billions of prescriptions written each year, over 50% of humanity is afflicted with chronic illness, such as cancer, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, chronic infections, and persistent Lyme disease, to name a few.

An estimated 1 in 10 people have an undiagnosed or medically indefinable condition!

Modern medicine offers a dizzying array of healing opportunities and is also quite limited, especially when it comes to chronic health conditions.

After more than a century of “germ theory” addressing a long list of conditions, illnesses, symptoms and diagnoses, many of those health hurdles have gotten higher and harder to conquer.

This year, I’d like to honor and encourage my inner circle of personal-health pioneers with a special educational series, just for you.

So you have the most current knowledge and support to make the most powerful healing choices for your life.

To start this special year off, let’s:

– first take a look at the difference between Functional and Biological medicine, and why I offer you the best of both.

– then dive into an essential & foundational theme of human health that you can get started on today.

What’s the difference between Functional and Biological medicine?

Functional medicine is especially valuable in its focus on revealing hidden truths about your body’s inner workings through specific, targeted, and personalized testing – more strategic than the general metrics conventional medicine often uses to categorize “health” and “disease.”

Then Functional medicine responds to the often layered results of this testing with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, again targeted and personalized for the individual.

Biological medicine is different in that it seeks to INSPIRE the body’s built-in healing mechanisms to repair, regulate, and recalibrate for what often becomes a new life experience.

Our bodies are designed to heal – they are literally healing machines! From birth until we leave this life, our body is constantly seeking health – using it’s many mechanisms to heal, detoxify, and create balance.

Biological medicine leans into this innate capacity of every human body to maximize healing and repair.

People with chronic illness can spend years and tens of thousands of dollars navigating the health system and never find answers, let alone true healing… until they discover and engage their body’s innate healing capacity.

Biological medicine looks at the environment of the cells – the terrain inside our bodies – and asks what is blocking the path to healing. Biological medicine pays special attention to dental health, emotions, and lifestyle, because these have an enormous impact on our internal terrain, where our energy goes, and how much energy we have available to heal.

Biological medicine is a customized and patient-centered model that has been utilized extensively in Europe for decades. It combines the wisdom of ancient, traditional practices with the newest technological innovations. It brings together powerful insights from many kinds of practitioners and doctors who have found that by removing toxicity and blocks to healing, the body can successfully regulate and self-heal, even with the most complex conditions.

According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans (more than seven percent of the population) suffer from an autoimmune disease — and the prevalence is rising.

Over 4 million Americans are suffering from chronic Lyme disease today and over 300,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. That’s just one example of a single chronic illness.

Almost 1 in 4 Americans have multiple chronic conditions (that’s 75 million people, just in America!).

Here at Immanence Health we have successfully helped hundreds of patients who have struggled with mysterious chronic illness for years (even decades). Our patients have seen, on average, 22 doctors before coming to our clinics (and some even upwards of 50 doctors!).

This is where we start with each patient. Before taking any supplements or discussing any

additional therapies – we investigate what roadblocks could be stopping the body’s innate ability to heal and recover from chronic illness.

There is always a path to wellness.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is associated with the kidneys, and ruled by the water element.  This is our theme for the winter month of January.

First let’s take a look at water.



We know that hydration is important, and some even call it the fountain of youth. Even mild dehydration is known to be involved in many forms of disease. 

However, turning on the tap shouldn’t turn our bodies into pathways for chronic disease. 

Unfortunately, water can be a source of heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and pesticides. The water supply is purposely fluorinated to decrease tooth decay and aluminum sulfate is used in the water coagulation process to remove bacteria from the water supply. 

Aluminum-fluoride compounds may form in water where both aluminum and fluoride are present. This creates highly reactive neurotoxic compounds that can be linked to brain inflammation. 

According to the CDC, two out of three Americans are supplied with fluoridated tap water.

Chlorine is also introduced to the water system to manage bacterial growth. While we don’t want to chlorinate the good bacteria in our gut, there is also significant danger to our health from the process of showering in chlorinated water. Our skin, the largest body organ, softens and soaks in the chlorine as we shower and bathe. When combined with other compounds in the water, it creates chemical byproducts that are dispersed throughout the body in the bloodstream – and can be harmful to our organ systems. 

specially our kidneys, which filter but also concentrate and absorb contaminants. 

Along with things purposely put into the water in the process of making it “healthier”, there are many naturally occurring chemicals and minerals that work their way into the water supply. These heavy metals, along with other elements, enter into the water through the soil, air and plumbing systems. Here are a few common examples:

  • Arsenic 
  • Lead 
  • Cadmium 
  • Mercury 

These are contaminants that lead to neurological, immunity, and gastrointestinal damage. The damage is rarely immediate or acute; instead, these toxins build up in our bodies over time. Heavy metals, like aluminum, lead, and mercury, can also be stored in our bones. They can build up in our central nervous system and settle in our fatty tissues. These toxicants can create oxidative stress and inflammation and actually damage our cells and cell membranes. When the cells get threatened it triggers the cell danger response and really limits cell function. Many people become chronically ill because the cell danger response is continuously activated, perpetuated and prolonged, disrupting both the immune response and the endocrine system. 

By filtering your water you can remove heavy metals and other contaminants that may overwhelm your kidneys and other systems, and can be roadblocks to your health and healing. 

However, intense filters can sometimes go too far, and actually interrupt a powerful healing quality of water.


You’re probably familiar with three forms of water – solid ice, liquid water, and gaseous form of steam or water vapor.

Did you know that there is a fourth kind of water?

(Get a jumpstart on this month’s theme by listening to my recent podcast with Kenny Lu.)


Over the past several years, some exciting and dynamic research has emerged about water. Recent discoveries have revealed that there is a special form of water that has been foundational to human health throughout history. This 4th phase of water (also known as Structured Water, Exclusion Zone Water, and H3O2), is integral to the health and resilience of plants, animals, soil, and our planet.

While we were all assuming we knew water, Dr. Gerald Pollack was forming a new relationship with water, learning about H302.

The 4th phase of water, somewhere between a liquid and a solid. It’s a gel state that’s not thick, but more silky than H2O with one extra hydrogen and oxygen molecule – H302, instead of H2O.

Dr. Pollack discovered that H3O2 is the kind of water that’s in our body and our fruits and vegetables. When it comes to defining what it means to be well-hydrated, this is a game-changer.

Optimal hydration requires water to be able to get into your cells easily – and that’s exactly what structured water (H3O2) does. Hydrating your cells with structured water improves energy-delivery to the mitochondria, which helps combat aging and stress.

In short, structured water is 2-3 times more hydrating than regular water.

This is a key point as we know that so many illnesses are worsened or even caused by dehydration.

If hydration is the fountain of youth, then H3O2 is like a rocket-booster for your health.

The latest cutting-edge science and research reveals structured water has these effects:

Harmonizing frequencies on EMFs
Neutralizes harmful chemicals
Strengthens natural immune function
Supports the healing process
and more…

Many doctors also say structured water balances hormones, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, improves sleep, boosts mood, enhances brain function, improves autoimmune conditions, and increases charge in the body – benefits that apply to all issues with optimal body performance.

It’s important to note that anything can have an impact on water structure, and the question is whether the impact is chaotic or harmonizing to the structure of the water.


1. Drink structured (and maybe filtered) water

Spring water, naturally bubbling up from layers of rock in the earth, is very structured. Natural minerals found in the rocks and earth, and the movement of water through those substrates, have a harmonizing, structuring effect on water.

Structuring water changes the physics or energy of the water, changing its molecular form rather than removing anything from it.

Filtering water changes the chemistry of water. Testing has revealed that water structure remains the same whether the filter goes before or after the structuring device. If you choose to filter, our experience is that Berkey is consistently very high quality.

Reverse Osmosis filtration, which removes all the minerals along with contaminants, seems to create a more sterile, lifeless water.

If your water tastes and smells good and is safe to drink without a filtration system, a structured water device may be all you need.

A simple way to enhance hydration is to add some electrolytes and structure to your water, with mineral rich sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, or by adding cucumber or lemon slices to your water.

If you choose to filter, we also recommend adding a structuring device to increase the charge after you have added minerals back to the water to restore what is lost in reverse osmosis.

We love the Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device:

Water is structured and transformed into H3O2 for optimal intra-cellular hydration

Certified by Gina Bria’s HyFo Lab

Remineralizes water which helps alleviate effects from our minerally depleted foods

Restores reverse osmosis water back to its natural, healthy state

Aqua Energizer systems are the first scientifically verified and certified line of structured water devices in the world. Each unit is hand-assembled from copper, quartz, and minerals.

Structuring occurs because the resistance of the flow of water through the crystals creates electromagnetic waves that shift the oxidation states of the minerals and elements and change the bond angle of the water to structure it.

Restore your water to a natural state: Detoxifying, Alkalinizing, Antioxidant

The Aqua Energizer uses physics to change the chemistry of the water, allowing toxins to be neutralized as it energizes the water.

Remineralizing the water through the structuring process also alkalinizes the water.

That extra hydrogen atom in structured H3O2 water is a key antioxidant, available to bind up free radicals and escort them out of your body.

By drinking structured water, you also allow the H3O2 molecules to mingle with other water molecules in your body, lending structure and information to guide healing.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits.

It may seem hard to understand how human cultures have survived, and thrived, in desert ecosystems – even without “modern” technology. Considering the large portion of their hydration came from the structured water in their food, it begins to make more sense.

Traditional desert cultures have had the natural technology of structured water.

When you eat veggies and fruits, you ingest structured water. Plants hold structured water within and around their cells. Raw produce may contain 85-90% water, and roasted or sauteed will still contain 50% or more water. While raw is best, even the process of re-hydrating vegetables can structure water, demonstrated by Dr. Pollock’s work studying rehydrated mushroom powder.

You can also water your vegetable gardens with structured water – conduct an experiment to compare the vigor and growth of plants with different kinds of water.

3. Connection with nature.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated that human consciousness can change the structure of water, and along with other scientists he’s shown that water has the ability to hold the memories of what it was exposed to.

He found that classical music created beautiful crystalline patterns in water, while rap and heavy metal did not, much in the same way that plants have been found to grow more healthy in the presence of classical music.

Our bodies are more than 60% water – consider the sights, sounds, thoughts, and energy that could be structuring the water in your body every day!

Nature is healing, and it’s well documented. Try Forest Bathing, the practice of simply strolling through the forest with no distractions, and Grounding, walking barefoot outside on the ground to balance your energy, to experience the benefits of structuring the water in your body.

4. Swim and bathe in structured water

Have you ever gone swimming or soaking in a natural hot spring or mineral pool? Or even a clean mountain lake? It’s invigorating, not just from the chill, but from the energizing structure of the water.

You can seek out natural hot springs or mineral pools, and you can structure the water in your shower or tub.


I’m happy to report that regarding the benefits and applications of structured water, this is just the beginning. The science and nature of how H3O2 benefits our health and longevity is in its infancy, and I personally am excited for what’s ahead.

Are you ready to feel new energy, deep hydration, and healing with structured water? Which of the options above will you begin with?

Let’s raise our glasses of clean, structured water: “ To your kidneys and your best life!”

Speaking of kidneys, here are three science-based supplements you can use to support the environment and terrain of your kidneys during the winter months.

Here’s a simple secret: Balancing electrolytes is the key to allowing both toxins and nutrients to flow in and out of the cells appropriately.

If you do just one thing for your kidneys, I recommend a high-quality, scientifically balanced electrolyte support formula.

There is a huge market today for electrolyte “replacement” beverages available for athletes and the general public. However, the problem with many sports drinks is that they contain more sugar and sodium than is needed to supplement typical diets.

BioPure® Matrix Electrolyte Powder is an electrolyte supplement that closely matches the natural mineral and salt balance found in the extracellular matrix of our cells.

There is no added sugar or artificial flavorings or colorants. It is specially formulated to support healthy kidney functioning and enhance detoxification* and support healthy blood circulation.

This blend also:

  • supports neurotransmitters to the brain*
  • quickly & easily replenishes electrolytes to assist in hydration and a proper pH*
  • helps in the normal functioning of cells and nervous system to support a healthy balance of electrolytes*

Additionally, you should know about these two mineral supporters:

BioPure® Matrix Minerals contains a proprietary blend of Fulvic and Humic Acid-derived ionic 73 ionic trace minerals that enhances gastrointestinal microbiome balance and cellular performance. (This is also part of our glyphosate detox protocol.)

BioPure® Microminerals contains nanonized minerals necessary for cellular and enzymatic functions, resulting in whole-body benefits.

When your kidneys are nourished and clear, your whole body feels brighter.

This is the power of resting into the energetic rhythms of the seasons as they move through our bodies.

When we respect the cycles of nature, it’s possible to maximize the healing energy of every season.

Are you excited to experience the changes nourishing water and refreshed kidneys can bring into your life?


*These statements or products have not been evaluated by the FDA or any government agency.

About Dr. Strelyuk

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A typical patient for Dr. Strelyuk is someone who has already seen several doctors and specialists. A person with relatively normal lab results that do not match the long list of symptoms they are experiencing, as well as individuals who tend to be more sensitive to various treatments including herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

In addition to working with people with chronic illnesses, Dr. Strelyuk enjoys supporting individuals who are interested in preventative medicine and in optimizing their health before symptoms appear.

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