Spring is the perfect time to detox your body

Support your liver, digestive system, and immunity this summer using some of my favorite products that help you protect yourself while enjoying yourself!

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

Naturopathic Physician and Detoxification Expert

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Hello, everyone! I’m Dr. Christine Schaffner, and I wanted to tell you about 3 of my favorite products to support your liver as we head into all of the quickly approaching summer festivities…. Let the fun begin! 

Your liver is one of your most vital organs and carries over 500 functions. From breaking down food to turn into energy to fighting infections to ridding your body of harmful toxins and substances.  

With Summer right around the corner, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking part in summer festivities and getting together with friends and enjoying the warmer weather. We want to support your ability to have fun while staying healthy.

Having said all of that, I wanted to share my favorite liver supporting remedies that I’ve chosen for my new Liver Support Bundle.

This first product is something that I use myself, and highly recommend to anyone looking to protect and support their immune system function.

Nature Provides sources these wonderful embryonic plant stem cells from Italy.  It’s a biodynamically grown farm where they pick the fresh buds and shoots of the plants during springtime and they time that in a way where they get the most potent healing effect from the plants.

And what happens afterward is that they make what we call a glycerin adn alcohol master, so it’s a combination of alcohol and glycerin to extract the healing potential from the plants.  And then there’s a specific proces where they bring the ash, and put it back into the formulas to enhance the mineral content of these formulas.

Gemmotherapy has traditionally been known to really help support the extracellular matrix support the lymphatics

So, when we think about the need for spring cleaning, we can feel that we’re coming out of winter, so we can emerge from the sluggish and slower times of year into the regenerative growth of spring.

But spring also has a bellweather hallmark: allergy season.

The great news is that allergies can be modulated and mitigated, especially when your body is in a cleansing process.    So if you’re struggling with fatigue, or brain fog,  or sinus congestion, allergies, weight gain or even gut issues, this is a good time to think about cleansing and supporting your body with a detox.

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This first product is one that I personally recommend to the majority of my patients…


Advanced TUDCA from CellCore is one of my absolute favorite bile movers and is an impressive formula that helps support and stimulate bile flow in the body. 

Bile is a powerful route for elimination, helping us digest fats, process hormones and metabolic waste, and also helps process and eliminate environmental toxins like heavy metals, mycotoxins, and a vast range of harmful substances through the liver. 

With the incredible bile flow support throughout the body, Advanced TUDCA makes a perfect addition to any detoxification protocol for maximizing liver function and digestive health.

Whenever we are moving bile in any protocol, including a binder is a must…


One of my absolute favorite binders for adding to a detoxification protocol is CellCore HM-ET which stands for “heavy metal environmental toxicant.”

This binder is a must-have for detoxification, and is unlike any other binder out there because of its unique formula of fulvic and humic acid. 

CellCore HM-ET works to help bind and eliminate heavy metals and the unavoidable onslaught of environmental toxins we are exposed to daily – not only from your digestive tract but also from deep within your cells, tissues, and body. 

And because of its incredible formula, this particular binder can be taken with or without food. Incredible, right?

And the final product I have chosen for supporting your liver this Summer is one that you may be a little more familiar with…


This isn’t just your everyday broccoli sprout either… We’re talking about an incredible and very potent form of broccoli sprout made by BioPure simply called Broccoli Sprout.

Over the years we have gained so much knowledge from copious amounts of research on the benefits of broccoli sprouts, including their ability to support liver detoxification, the immune system, and brain health. 

It’s truly astonishing what these tiny sprouts are capable of… making these Broccoli Sprout capsules a wonderful addition for your health toolkit. 

What makes each of these particular Broccoli Sprout capsules so special and potent is that they’ve already been activated through an enzyme which allows the active ingredient to be much more digestible and accessible. Making these capsules a sure-fire way to get all of the benefits of broccoli sprouts in an efficient and convenient way.

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Remember: Supporting your liver, digestion, and overall health is an important step towards achieving the health goals you’ve set for yourself this summer, and every season to come.

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Thank you so much!

Dr. C
Christine Schaffner, ND