Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #240

Lyme Disease Awareness: From Silent Epidemic to Effective Solutions | Episode 240

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In this solo episode, I dive deep into the often misunderstood and misdiagnosed world of Lyme Disease during Lyme Awareness Month. I discuss the staggering statistics that roughly 476,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease each year in the United States. I explain how Lyme Disease is known as “the great imitator” as it can affect neurological, rheumatologic, and other body systems, often leading to misdiagnoses. For anyone struggling with chronic Lyme disease or who is interested in understanding this complex condition better, this episode is an invaluable resource.

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • Around 476,000 Americans are diagnosed each year with Lyme Disease
  • Not everyone exposed becomes symptomatic
  • Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed and is known as “the great imitator” affecting neurological and other systems within the body
  • And so much more!


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About Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor who has helped thousands of people recover from chronic or complex illnesses. Through online summits, her Spectrum of Health podcast, the network of Immanence Health clinics, and renowned online programs, Dr. Schaffner goes beyond biological medicine, pulling from all systems of medicine and healing modalities–helping patients reclaim their wellness and reveal their brightest light.

Dr. Schaffner completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-medicine and Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

With her diverse skill set, Dr. Schaffner seeks to improve access, outcomes, and recovery speed for patients struggling with chronic, complex, and mystery illnesses. Patients travel worldwide to reclaim their wellness using her Ecosystem & Terrain, Energy Analysis, Clear Blocks, and Optimize Flow (EECO) methodology.