We encourage you to take advantage of doing the cleanse in community with others. If you can’t attend live, or miss any sessions, you will have one-year access to the program material and video sessions so you can revisit the program whenever inspired.

Your 28-Day Program includes all of the guides, videos, and instructions to complete a successful cleanse.

You will have access for one year.

Additional items required include:

If someone has active cancer, it wouldn’t be the best time for cleansing.

Sure, but it’s really geared toward a woman’s hormone physiology. Men have cycles too, but they are longer-like 72 days. We are creating more programs that will be announced shortly.

Unless your issues are active cancer, the cleanse should be beneficial.

Stay on the current bio identical hormone regimen.

Press pause on colonics during this cleanse. We recommend other home therapies like skin brushing and castor oil packs that aid in detoxification.

No, you continue to take them.


Good point! Focus on vegetable proteins like beans and legumes and if you don’t eat meat normally then you should not be expected to eat it during the program. We’ll talk more about this on the Webinars and Q&A Calls.

No! These lists are not comprehensive and there are many other foods that you can enjoy if you know they are already part of a healthy diet for you. 

It is not absolutely necessary but we have purposefully designed the diet portion of the program to be anti-inflammatory, support lymph and bile and balance hormones. It’s a foundational piece of the work and you will get more benefit from the supplements and home therapies if you follow the dietary guidelines at least loosely.

Absolutely. You can do a Monday-Friday type of approach and loosen up a bit on weekends or you can do a 14-day strict adherence at the beginning and then take the balance of the cleanse a little bit looser.

No! If you follow the dietary guidelines 80% you will get a tremendous benefit from the recommendations. Simply put, 8 out of every 10 foods you eat are either beneficial or neutral.

If you want to consume one 10-ounce cup of coffee daily, that is fine, especially if you are Type A or Type AB. If you are Type O or a Type B, we would suggest drinking tea instead of coffee.

No, but we are strongly recommending that you consume no more than 2 alcoholic beverages per week, and preferably not 2 drinks in one night.

Possibly! It depends on where your current weight is and how different this diet is from your normal eating patterns.

Yes! If you notice there are different proteins for each blood type that we recommend but don’t fear you should not be hungry.

Focus on vegetable proteins like beans and legumes and if you don’t eat meat normally then you should not be expected to eat it during the program.

Chicken, turkey, and fish are fine for Type A, but red meat should be very limited (once during the whole 28 days) if consumed at all.

Please use common sense and don’t consume foods that you know you have an allergy or sensitivity to. If you are already gluten and dairy-free, stay that way during the program.

If you aren’t sure you have a sensitivity to a food that is on your beneficial list, go ahead and try consuming it and track any symptoms you might have in the course of the next few days.

No, these dietary recommendations are based on supporting your system and nourishing you! 


Please note: We want you to feel good about eating and not feel a sense of restriction every day. Food is medicine so let’s figure out what your body thrives on! 

Fruits are fine, we just didn’t want to make any specific recommendations on this food group, if you know you have a lot of yeast overgrowth, you may want to avoid a LOT of fruit (meaning more than one piece per day).

These are the nut milks we recommend for each type:

  • Type A: soy, hemp, oat, almond
  • Type AB: rice, soy, oat
  • Type B: almond, rice, oat
  • Type O: hemp, oat, almond

You can make hummus out of white beans and flavor it any way you’d like!

Eat smaller fish like herring, sardines, and kipper since they don’t grow big enough to be affected by heavy metals.

You can eat turkey and lots of fish. See the Type B Nutrition Guide for the full list of options in the Animal Protein chart.

On a cleanse, corn is not something we would recommend of the cleanse. If you have a little bit here and there, it’s OK.

Try one scoop and let your body be the guide.

Red meat in general is best digested by Bs and Os with higher natural amounts of stomach acid. Does that mean that EVERY Type O does well with red meat? No. Does it mean that every Type O should eat red meat. No, nutrition is complex, many variables affect your individual status.

Yes, quinoa is technically a seed, so that is fine.


Seed cycling is excellent even for postmenopausal women as it still helps support your nervous system and the hormones–your hormones are not fluctuating as much anymore but the seeds are still important for skin, brain and other tissues due to the high essential fatty acid content.

It is not necessary to use sprouted seeds, so you can really get any brand or even the bulk ones as long as you know they are fresh! 


I would not recommend using a coffee grinder unless you don’t use the grinder for coffee? It is best to use a small food processor or buy a pre-ground flax meal. We DO have a favorite brand for that and it is Bob’s Red Mill organic flax meal.

Ground flaxseeds, for sure. Grinding them all for most nutritional benefit, but even if the sesame, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds are not ground, they will still be beneficial. 

In week 1, we will be discussing food. The nutrition portion will start week 2, so you will have plenty of time to get what you need to eat.

You can take the seeds for the first 14 days, then taper off the other seeds when your cycle ends.


No, you don’t have to purchase any supplements to ensure a successful 28-Day Lymph & Hormone Cleanse. Many women have asked about what supportive supplements Dr. Schaffner and Dr. Nash suggest and use with their patients. So they have shared, “Essential Recommendations” which are the supplements that are foundational support by Phase. Then, for those that want a little deeper experience, Dr. Schaffner and Dr. Nash have provided “Advanced Support Options” by Phase.

No, you will incorporate the supplements by Phase. So, Phase One supplements you will start on day one and then continue through the end of the cleanse. Phase Two supplements will be added in week two and taken through the end of the cleanse – and so on.

If you run out of any of the product, it is fine! You don’t have to refill for the remainder of the program.

Click HERE to view recommended products and corresponding dosage & application suggestions.

I’m sorry, we don’t offer international shipping at this time. The best workaround is to have the supplements shipped to a US address and then have them ship to you. Hope that helps.

We like Enzalase or Digestzymes for digestive enzymes.

There are SO many good B-Complexes. Physica makes a liquid B-Complex that is liposomol. I also use Genestra’s Active B, Designs for health makes a good B-Complex, and Klaire Labs does too!


No, the ABO is the only aspect of blood type that really affects the diet recommendations. 🙂

You need to find out! Sadly, your doctor may not know but you can find out within minutes at home with a finger stick. Here are the kits we recommend:

Eldoncard Blood Type Test Kit


Yes, the virtual retreat will be recorded and will be available on the portal to watch at your leisure. Friendly reminder that you’ll have access to the course for one year.

Dr. Christine Schaffner and Dr. Ginger Nash will be guiding you throughout this 28-day journey and have created downloadable guides and resources to support you. Our one request is that you do not share any of the material with others outside of the program. We thank you for honoring our heartfelt request. The program has been built in Q&A format to support each individual’s personal health journey and without it the program is incomplete and not structured as we intend it to be.

* Lymph & Hormone Cleanse Disclaimer

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