Cleanse Pre-Kickoff

On this page, there is information to review about the upcoming cleanse and supplies you will need as well as supplements you may want to consider having on hand for the 28-Day Cleanse. We will continue to add to this page until the program site opens on June 17th.


June 17

Lymph & Hormone Cleanse portal will open. You will receive an email that morning with your login information.

June 20

The 28-Day Cleanse will begin. All of the live webinars will be listed with dates and times in the course portal. If you miss any of the live sessions you will have access to the replays within the course portal within 24 hours after each live session.

July 18

Your Cleanse Virtual Retreat will include classes and educational lectures throughout the day. The retreat schedule will be posted in the course portal by the end of June.

required SUPPLIES for the cleanse

You will need to know your blood type for the nutrition portion of the cleanse. If you do not know your blood type you can order an Eldoncard Blood Type Kit Online.

Seed Cycling Supplies


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Essential Recommendations

Advanced Support


Essential Recommendations


Essential Recommendations


Essential Recommendations

Advanced Support

Don Quai

Liposomal Melatonin


introduction to why your blood type matters

Dr. Nash shares a brief overview of why your blood type matters when it comes to nutrition and your diet. We will be taking a deeper dive into this concept during the 28-Day Cleanse.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you know your blood type before the start of the 28-Day Cleanse. If you do not know your blood type you can order an Eldoncard Blood Type Kit Online.

28-Day CLeanse FAQs

Do I have to do it LIVE?

We encourage you to take advantage of doing the cleanse in community with others. If you can’t attend live, or miss any sessions, you will have one-year access to the program material and video sessions so you can revisit the program whenever inspired.

What’s Included

Your 28-Day Program includes all of the guides, videos, and instructions to complete a successful cleanse.

How long do I have access to the program material?

You will have access for one year.

Are there any contraindications for the Lymph & Hormone Cleanse?

If someone has active cancer, it wouldn’t be the best time for cleansing.

Can a man do the Cleanse?

Yes, but it’s really geared toward a woman’s hormone physiology. Men have cycles too, but they are longer (72 days). We are creating more programs that will be announced shortly. 

Is it safe to do the cleanse if you are pregnant?


Is it safe to do the cleanse if you are trying to conceive?

It would be highly beneficial!

I have chronic illness and some health issues. Is it safe to do the Lymph & Hormone Cleanse?

Unless your issues are active cancer, the cleanse should be beneficial.

Are there other products I need to purchase for the Lymph & Hormone Cleanse?

Additional items required include:

Do I stop taking my medications or bioidentical hormones?

No, you continue to take them.


If you have questions please contact

* Lymph & Hormone Cleanse Disclaimer

I have solicited an educational Lymph & Hormone Cleanse Program with Dr. Christine Schaffner. I acknowledge upon purchase that I have solicited a The information discussed in the setting of a remote educational Lymph & Hormone Cleanse is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. The information discussed is in no way intended to supplant the information provided by one’s doctor(s). I understand that no portion of any Lymph & Hormone Cleanse is to be interpreted as diagnosis or treatment of anyone for anything.


This Lymph & Hormone Cleanse Program is not intended to: 

  • diagnose or treat any disease or condition 
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Your primary care physician and/or other doctors should always be regarded as a primary source of information about diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, and medical conditions.