Dr. Christine Schaffner Podcast Episode #85

Master Your Mind to Impact Your Health – Bernadette Logue with Dr. Christine Schaffner

On Today's Episode

Dr. Schaffner and Bernadette Logue discuss how our physical health is directly impacted by our state of mind and emotions, which in turn are impacted by how we perceive and interact with the world around us. They also discuss how stepping into mind-emotions-intuition alignment plays a critical role in healing. 

Additional highlights include:Practical strategies you can start now to support your health and healing.

  1. Understanding our journey as spiritual beings. That we are here to learn, grow, heal and contribute. 
  2. How our bodies are a barometer of our mental and emotional states, especially when treating chronic illness. 

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About Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as “B”) is the Leader of The Daily Positive, a Transformation Life Coach, and the author of three personal growth books – guiding you on how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned. 

B lives nomadically around the world, traveling for personal adventure, enjoyment, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements. She coaches her clients located throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, and Australasia via video conferencing and webinars.

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TRANSCRIPT: Master Your Mind to Impact Your Health – Bernadette Logue with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner: Hi everyone, welcome to the Spectrum of Health Podcast. Today my guest is Bernadette Logue, and we’re going to be talking about peace strategies to support your health. Bernadette Logue, also known as “B”, is the leader of The Daily Positive, a transformation life coach, and the author of three personal growth books, guiding you in how to master your mind to live consciously and soul-aligned. I thought it would be really fun to have Bernadette on the podcast. We all need peaceful strategies to navigate these trying times, and she’s a wealth of inspiration that I hope you find helpful today.

0:00:41.5 CS: Welcome, everyone, to the Spectrum of Health Podcast. I’m so excited to meet my new friend, Bernadette Logue. Many of you might know her as the leader of The Daily Positive, a transformational life coach, and author of three personal growth books, guiding you on how to master your mind to live consciously and soul-aligned. I love that, soul-aligned. Isn’t that just so perfect for a time like we’re in today? We’re going to be talking about peace strategies to support your health, what a relevant topic. I’m so excited to get to know you. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.

0:01:12.7 Bernadette Logue: Thank you very much for the chance to come and chat with you and chat with your audience. Glad to be here.

0:01:18.8 CS: Absolutely. As we record this in the beginning of 2021, there’s been so much change in our world and so much uncertainty surrounding so many of us. For many of us, probably the furthest feeling that we have right now is this feeling of peace and being grounded and calm and soul-aligned and centered. I would love to hear, what are you experiencing, and what is your audience experiencing during this time?

0:01:52.0 BL: Great question. I have people in my community from all over the world, from the States and Canada or Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK. I’ve got audience members in India and Africa and all sorts of places. People are having really vastly different experiences of the world depending on where they’re from, but one common experience–we human beings don’t like uncertainty, and uncertainty brings fear, even though, irrespective of what’s going on in the world, life is filled with uncertainty permanently all the time. It’s the ongoing nature of reality and mother nature and life itself, when there’s something going on like what’s happening on the globe at the moment with the pandemic. It rears up a lot of stuff for people. Some people who have normally been thinking ‘I’ve got it all together’ and are quiet, calm and peaceful have found themselves sort of throwing up in the air. I think it’s really given people a bit of a shock. Where people have had some tools already, they have been able to, what I would say, right the ship, put their anchor down and get some stability a lot more quickly. For others who where in a position where they have never really managed their mindset or emotions around difficulties with something like this, this is just fuel on an existing fire.

0:03:09.4 BL: So it just depends where you’re at on your journey. When we talk about personal growth, it’s just about knowing how to operate this thing called being human, is what I say. It’s like we’re on a ride called life, we’re having this thing called being human, with the physical body, with the mind, emotions, the spirit breathing through us. How do we know how to function this thing? And so the further you go down the path, the more tools you get, the more you’re able to ground yourself and manage that, in good times but also in really difficult times like this where there’s a lot of uncertainty.

0:03:42.2 CS: I love that. I think with this experience of being human and living on planet Earth, I had these moments before the pandemic, especially with the work I do with chronic illness and things, it’s like if we all had it figured out, we probably wouldn’t have signed up for this journey on Earth. There is this being comfortable with the imperfect, as it’s never going to be–maybe I’m wrong, but at least from my perspective right now, there is never going to be this perfect utopia from the external world. But it’s like, how do we engage and create more of the work that we can do with our inner world to meet whatever storms or amazing experiences come our way –and how we navigate and integrate that. I think that sometimes we lose sight of that. And this year has really brought this to the forefront for everyone. No one can escape this opportunity for growth right now. So Bernadette, I know you do this really amazing work, one-on-one, and you talk to large audiences as well. How did your journey begin regarding personal growth, clients and with your community?

0:04:57.1 BL: So I was sort of into personal growth quite early on in my life, late teens I started looking into it. It wasn’t until my early 30s that it really hit home, and I would say, hit me around the head a little bit. And what I mean by that is that’s when I started moving more into transforming my own life and moving into a teaching space. Before that time, before my early 30s, I was what you would call an unpeaceful person, a highly strung person. I’d had anxiety since I was about four years old, I was carrying multiple ongoing health issues, which I was frustrated with and was fighting against my body in just going harder and faster, hoping it would fix itself, not realizing that everything about the way that I was showing up in the world was perpetuating that. I did not like uncertainty, I wanted to control everything. Can everything just be perfect?

0:05:54.4 BL: And the way my journey actually unfolded to get me to where I am now, the teaching I’ve been doing for about a decade, is that I had several semi sorts of crisis in my personal life, which were really upsetting and started having me ask big questions about life. I also had some health challenges and I didn’t like my career. It all culminated in a series of me asking deeper questions and going on a seeking mission to find what is life really about for me, and that was very much a spiritual inquiry and unfolding. That lead me down a path of very much alternative healing, the energy world we live in, the power of our consciousness, and the power of taking sovereignty over your inner world experience, that you can create this outer world experience as a result. And I became obsessed with it.

0:06:44.1 BL: It was born out of some challenges. There were some things going on with family, there was a situation with a loved one who had an incurable health condition and I wasn’t having it. I was like, “This is unacceptable that the medical system can’t come up with answers.” That’s why I went down the route of energy healing. And, as it turns out, it was just a prompt on my evolving soul journey. Life prompts us, and I got prompted out of my long career, and into this coaching field, and into this realm. I never went, “I’m going to be passionate about coaching or I want to become a coach.” It wasn’t like that, it chose me. I don’t know if you feel that about yours, but I believe our soul purpose and passion, we don’t choose it, it chooses us, and good luck ignoring it.

0:07:30.7 CS: That north node, that we signed up for. I completely agree. Thank you for sharing that story. People who are listening may be struggling with a chronic illness of themselves or a loved one and maybe need some methods of hope to keep propelling them on their journey. I know there were so many experiences, but is there anything that stands out that really created a big shift within your own body and spirit, like any practices or practitioners, or any significant moments along the way?

0:08:05.7 BL: Yes, there were many. I dove really deeply into spirituality and I spent, I would say, a good nine years deeply exploring all things spiritual from astrology to numerology, to records and soul history and just anything and everything you can imagine, as well as peak performance and personal growth and all the modern psychology and energy techniques. But, I think one of the things that I learned that really made a dramatic difference for me, and it was a slow burn over time for me to realize this was, we come here for a journey, and we come with all the journey included, four big things included. Learning, we’re here to learn, we’re here to heal, we’re here to grow, and we’re here to contribute. I do this annual workshop and we talk about soul plan and purpose. We come for these four things, and I started to say, “Oh, not everything that’s seemingly going wrong in your life is wrong.” It’s not that it’s wrong, but of course, from our human selves we want to say it’s wrong, we don’t want it and it shouldn’t be this way.

0:09:03.9 BL: When I looked at people I loved that were going through challenges, and I looked at challenges in my own life, I started to look at them differently, and I started to ask different questions. What is the opportunity for me in this? What is this calling me into? What is this asking me to be? Who is this asking me to be? What is it asking me to look into? What is it asking me to practice? And through adversity that I’ve observed for clients, other people, anyone and everyone, I’m like, “Look at what this has brought you to in your life, not the pain and the suffering, but look at the triumph and the power of your spirit and the contribution you make and who you’re being in the world as a result of having all your hot buttons pushed, all the triggers, all the challenges that we go through.”

0:09:45.5 BL: Being able to see that mapped out and looking at people’s numerology and astrology, what we’ve come for, mind, soul history and seeing it all start to thread together. I started to release my anger and frustration and resistance, losing loved ones far too young, and getting really angry about that, and about life, and I started to loosen my grip. I thought, I’ve got to start fighting against this, and I’ve got to start looking at this from a different angle, I’m willing to see this differently.” And when I was able to release that a little bit and start to inquire from a different angle it started to open up a new a whole new world.

0:10:22.8 BL: But the thing is is if you are in deep fear, deep stress, deep anxiety, good luck with having that conversation because your brain and body are on fire from danger. And, your body, to do that is beautiful, because you want to be kept safe. I know I’m just like preaching to all the converted in your audience, because you all are about the nervous system and the amygdala gland and all the things that go on in the body, but we have to learn to calm ourselves at multiple levels. I love Dr. Kim D’Eramo’s work. She’s like, “If we can just soften 3%.”

0:11:00.8 BL: If we can just create a little more inner peace, just a little more peace, just take off the edge a little bit in our physical body, in our mindset, in our emotional system, all of a sudden there’s just a little gap. I don’t know what the saying is, if it’s Rumi or someone else, but the tiny little gap to let the light in, and when you do that, is there a possibility to sync something else? A little gap where you might not be so reactive or so triggered or so caught in it, that you create like an alleviation and room for something else to become possible. So, if it’s helpful, I can share just a couple of ways that if someone comes to me, I’m like, “These are my no-brainers.”

0:11:40.6 CS: Please, everyone wants to hear that. I love it.

0:11:44.1 BL: For those that are listening that are in physical pain or have long-term health conditions, I just have so much love and respect that you’re still on the journey to ask the questions and be open, because it is difficult. And, if something doesn’t land with you, cool, I totally understand, just listen for what might be useful. I know that sometimes people have tried certain things, and I have clients come to me and they say, whether it’s something in a relationship or health or money or whatever it is, “Oh, I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, this doesn’t work.” And, we just stop for a moment and say, “Okay, if we’re willing to try something on for size and be really, really, really consistent with it… ” Consistency is key, and give it a go, because what I find is most people are picking up a personal growth tool or a healing tool and they’re picking it up and dropping it, picking up something else and dropping it.

0:12:35.4 BL: Where I see that we get real benefits, and this is even from, hand on heart, my personal experience, what I share with you. I do all these things, and I was doing it this morning, these four things. So if we talk about inner peace strategies to support our well-being in our life generally, I think about it at four levels, and that would be the physical body, the mind, the conscious mind, the emotional system and then, I always factor the spirit or the soul within that as being really cool components. For someone who has a tendency towards anxiety and has had it for a long time, and I’ve overcome it, but I have to maintain my physical body and peace, or else I can tap into anxiety pretty readily, probably more easily than the average person, I don’t know why.

0:13:25.7 BL: This strategy, I got taught by Dr. Libby Weaver many, many years ago when I met her, and it really saved my bacon. It saved me and gave me grace–deep diaphragmatic breathing. Free, easy, anywhere, anytime. I have other strategies for calming my physical body, but you can’t do all of them when you’re standing in the grocery store, or you’re sitting in a meeting, or you’re having a conversation with someone and you feel your stress or your fear or your anxiety rise. And with deep diaphragmatic breathing, I do it every single morning as soon as I wake, before I’ve even opened my eyes, and before I get out of bed. And I do it every night before I go to sleep. I believe that is a very important part of the recipe for me having peace because I’m constantly signaling through this deep diaphragmatic breathing, I’m signaling my body that I am physically safe. And if I don’t do that, and I’m just focusing on telling my mind things and managing my feelings and all these other things, my body’s like, I’m not getting that message–I didn’t get the memo about that and you’re going into this fear stage. So I imagine you know all about the power of conscious breathing techniques. I mean, we do it in yoga, we do it in all sorts of ways. But it’s just so simple and so effective.

0:14:43.5 CS: And it’s accessible to everyone. Yes, you have to make the time and the consistent effort, but it’s not a device or a tool or a supplement. It’s something that we all have access to. And so, walk us through, Bernadette, how long do you do this deep breathing every morning and every evening?

0:15:01.4 BL: If you did it for no more than 20 breaths, that would be a big win. If you’re not doing it at all, if you’re not using your breath at all to signal and ground your body, then 20 conscious breaths a day would be a win. I’m about small, incremental wins and really simple rituals. I do it probably for about two minutes and I like to close my eyes when I do it because then it becomes like a meditation, and now I’ve got two wins, I meditated and I did deep breathing. The most important thing, as you know, is you just have to really, really relax your body and relax your belly and just think about a baby breathing. With a baby, it’s belly is gently rising when it breathes in and it gently falls when it breathes out. It’s not pushing the breath down and trying to balloon your belly out, it’s just really allowing your breath to go fully, deeply into your body. Probably the most important thing I’ve learned about diaphragmatic breathing is a slightly elongated exhale. So in to three and out to four, or you’re in to four and out to five. You’re just having a slightly longer exhale. I just love to count with that. I’m breathing in, two, three, and then breathing out, two, three, four. If you do that for two minutes, it is like magic and I love it.

0:16:17.8 CS: Yes. It immediately changes your state, you feel lighter, more relaxed, more receptive, peaceful.

0:16:25.0 BL: More peaceful, and I think what I love about it is, it’s sending the signal to the body, ‘I must be safe’ because I’m sitting here doing deep breathing, so clearly there’s no danger. Two, it brings all your awareness inside your body. It takes you out of your mind and you’re focusing your awareness on the breath moving in and out of your body. So now you’re no longer thinking about the bill you have to pay or the fight you had with your boss or the pandemic, you’re thinking about counting your breathing. Now because your awareness is in your body, you are actually feeling grounded. There’s something energetically about it. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very powerful for grounding you into your body. I find scattered energy when I’m dealing with people that are fearful, stressed, and anxious, and I know it because I’m prone to that way myself. I think, actually, if we could picture that energy, we would find it is literally all out there. And so when you breathe in, you’re imagining all your energy coming into your body and when you breathe out, you’re breathing it down and then you’re breathing it out. I like to think of myself as a tree rooted into the Earth and I can feel that breath moving through me that way.

0:17:33.2 CS: It’s such a great tip, and again, for people who are listening, it’s just about starting somewhere and just committing to some ritual or time each day that you can integrate this. And then, a lot of the things that help us to feel good and more peaceful, I find that once people start doing them, they naturally have an affinity to do them more because they feel better. So the hardest part is getting to step one. That’s the hardest hurdle I find, I’m not sure if you experience that as well.

0:18:03.2 BL: Yes. I think it has to be easy and it has to be integrated. So you don’t want to make another thing on your list. Who wants that? Nobody wants longer to-do lists. So don’t even let rituals that support you become like that. If you get smart about it, you can integrate, for example, every time you wash your hair in the shower, deep breathe while you’re doing it. It’s like cleaning the dishes, take your time, and do deep breathing while you’re doing it. Walking to work, deep breathe while you do it. It’s just to integrate it into something you’re already doing and you’re just getting a win immediately, really, really easily. So that one, to me, is just a super essential. And then the next two go hand-in-hand in the mind and emotions. My business and what I do is called The Daily Positive, but I am the furthest from someone who is about plastering on positivity. To me, being positive is being empowered and you can’t slap positivity into your mind on top of emotions that you haven’t acknowledged and addressed.

0:19:00.8 BL: So I’ll talk about number two and then we’ll see how they’re linked. If you think about your mind and you use an analogy like a garden, you can’t expect flourishing if you’ve got toxic soil. So what are we feeding our mind? What is the quality of soil in our mind? What is the quality of conversation we have with ourselves? If we’re wanting to heal, how angry are we at our body? How negatively are we talking about ourselves? How much do we hate upon our life or ourselves? What is the quality of the conversation we’re having? And you don’t have to be perfect–forget about it. It’s how do I just shift my mindset a little bit so I’m a little bit more empowered, a little bit more loving towards myself, and I’m having a little bit more of a hopeful, peaceful, optimistic conversation with myself, because this conversation with self is going on all the time.

0:19:54.3 CS: All the time.

0:19:55.3 BL: And who’s running this? And the answer is, your subconscious is running it, if you’re not consciously intervening. And often that will run dialogue that doesn’t work for you, or someone else is directing it, such as the advertising you’re seeing on TV, the news media, people you’re listening to all around you. I feel like we are, from a conscious awareness point of view, guardians of this. So when I teach people mind capacity, I’m like, “You are the caretaker, the nurturer, the loving leader of this thing called your mind. Now, what do you wish to lovingly plant in there, and how are you going to lovingly lead it when it goes off on a tangent and to negativity?” Don’t hate upon it and try and beat it into submission, just be like, “Of course, you’re feeling that way and thinking that way, but come on over here. What’s a different way we can look at this?” And the easiest way that I’ve found to help people is just plug and play audios. Just jump on YouTube. I’ve got bazillions of them. People all over YouTube are using them, guided visualizations, affirmation audios, super simple and easy, high-quality, nutritious messages to be feeding into your mind that make you feel great about yourself and make you feel a little bit more hopeful.

0:21:01.0 BL: I think that’s a really easy way to start to shift the mindset. But, hand-in-hand with emotions is this,–you just cannot get away from the fact that we are highly emotional creatures, and emotions are energy inside our body, and if we don’t acknowledge and name the emotion and allow it and then process it, it doesn’t go anywhere. It gets stuck. What happens is we’re carrying it and then something happens, and it gets triggered. So you can’t think your way out of your emotional state. You can with some things, if it’s lighter, but if we’re carrying around self loathing, or deep-seated resentment, or these kind of emotions, or unworthiness, if we don’t turn towards them and be like, “That’s a valid feeling. Where did I get that from? Why is it coming up? What’s it trying to tell me?” And process it, then all we’re doing is constantly trying to cope, by breathing and changing our mindset and just trying to cope, which is why I think about this integrated little equation, this plus this plus this.

0:22:05.2 BL: So for emotional healing, there are two things that I adore, and I use both of them. One is EFT, so Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, and the other is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code, the Emotion Code and the Body Code, both of which I am a massive raving fan of.

0:22:25.6 CS: Yes, I love that work.

0:22:28.1 BL: I love it because it works. I have had profound physical healing shifts from the Emotion Code and the Body Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson, and tapping–I’m just obsessed. I love it. I get everyone I know to do it. And then when you’ve done some tapping, or you’ve done some Emotion Code, then you’re really just nurturing the mind in a new direction with these audios and affirmations, rather than thinking that that alone is going to be enough to shift these deeper emotions and energies that we have inside of ourselves.

0:23:06.5 CS: Great points. Just to reiterate, I feel like our bodies are, on some level, a barometer of our emotional and mental state. Especially when we treat chronic illnesses, we really try to hone in on the subconscious programming, and so what are we not conscious of, and what has been seeded inside of us that needs to be healed or reprogrammed for us to have a different outcome in our life? I think we should dive a little bit more into that. The other thing that you said that I just want to reiterate, I also love tapping, and then the Emotion Code, and Body Code. I have a good colleague and friend who treats me, Julie Schiffman, and I just had a session with her yesterday, and we did the work, and it’s just amazing how it hones in on that thing that you need to understand where you are in life, to help to remove blockages–things that are not only in your own conscious awareness, but in your subconscious, and then also influences, energetic influences, potentially, of people in your life, or ancestral influences. It’s a really beautiful way to connect all of that into one system.

0:24:21.0 BL: Yes. I know of Julie’s work.

0:24:23.9 CS: Yes, she’s awesome. She’s helped me make some really amazing shifts within my own life.

0:24:52.8 BL: Yes. I think there’s a couple of things, from my work, the thing I am absolutely hot, hot, hot on is root cause resolution. And it’s exactly that. Most of the time what we think is the issue is an issue, but it’s not the root of the problem, and so then we’re dealing with symptomatic solutions. That just gives us temporary relief, and then lasting frustration when that thing comes back to boomerang around. I’ve seen that so many times with a couple of health things that I had going on, I’d get wins with this modality, and then that modality, and then this dietary change, and then this approach, and then this practitioner, and it would just always just give me temporary relief, but it would never get me down to the root, and I’ve really learned for myself how to dig to my root psychologically, emotionally, and to dig with my client as to their root issues. It’s exactly like what you’re saying. You think you’re coming for this, but lo and behold, if you just scratch the surface with a few really smart questions…

0:25:55.4 BL: Your body and your intuition, your system is so clever at throwing up what is the next thing, if you’re still enough and open enough for it to come up. The gift of 2020 for me was it really brought me to honor how deeply important the energy work, the physical, emotional, somatic thing is when it comes to healing and having happiness in our life. I mean, I’ve done a lot of work on myself, a lot, from a healing perspective and all the naturopathy and lifestyle changes and everything that could possibly change, and still, I just could not get this last thing, and then I went into a session, I interviewed Dr. Bradley Nelson and I had done his Body Code in the week before, and the issue just immediately disappeared, and I was like, I could never had found those things if I had not been able to diagnose deep into the energetic, ancestral energy blockages, trapped emotions that I didn’t even know were there.

0:27:00.4 CS: I love that. That’s, again, just to reiterate, in a lot of the work that I do in my office, of course, there’s a physical component. I need to treat their Lyme, get rid of their mercury, get rid of their root canal, all the things I do. But it’s like when you see the body really shift, it’s on that level, and I would love that to be more of the conversation, especially in my world around the chronic illness paradigm. How do we bring that in the forefront of the experience, rather than, “Okay, you’ve done all this, you’ve plateaued and now let’s look there.” It’s like that should be integrated because we are here for our learning and our growth as spiritual beings. So our body is just this tool to explore all of that so we can get to the root of unhealed wounds on those levels.

0:28:00.5 BL: And it’s carrying us, it’s a vehicle that’s carrying us, it’s magical. It just blows my mind all the time that you’re just a spirit poured into this body right in front of me.

0:28:12.5 BL: When you can look at yourself that way and you can look at other people that way, the starting point for a conversation becomes drastically different. And speaking of, I’ll talk to the fourth point of the inner peace strategy.

0:28:32.7 BL: I have had multiple conversations with Dr. Kim D’Eramo on her MindBody TV and a couple of times we touched on the fact that I had 13 years of occupational overuse syndrome, so it’s kind of like RSI, repetitive strain, and basically my body was locked up, I had pain. They’re like, “Okay, you need an ergonomic work station, and you need to work slower and you need to do this and you need to do that.” I spent zillions of dollars over 10 years, on osteopaths, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, ettcetera. In the end, I left my career to follow the spiritual calling, and there’s nothing else you can call it other than that, because the signs got so relentless and in my face to go down this path to explore this whole area of healing and coaching. As soon as I did, all of that disappeared, and the irony is I worked harder, I worked longer hours, I worked more on my computer, I actually sometimes remember myself being more stressed out because I was now running my own business, and I had the worst ergonomic set up, I was traveling the world, working on whatever stations I could and I never had any pain.

0:29:40.5 BL: I’m not saying either that is the case for other people, but I know intuitively in me that shift had to occur for me to be free because it was the next stage I had to go to, and my body was just like, “Wrong place, wrong place, wrong place, wrong place. Shift, shift, shift, shift, shift.” So the fourth inner peace strategy, if I’m looking at people and I’m saying, “Okay, let’s calm the body, let’s honor and acknowledge and allow these emotions, and then let’s gently release them, and then let’s also nurture the mind in a direction that’s going to support you.” But actually, now probably, that’s the last, but it’s the first. When we get to that calmer state, can we tune in and say, “What does my soul want me to know at this moment in time? What does my spiritual soul sense? What is it asking me to pay attention to? What is out of alignment, if anything?” And really tuning into what is a yes and what is a no inside my body, like, is this relationship, is this path, is this job, is this whatever–really getting out of this I should or shouldn’t, I can or can’t, but what if… Shh to all of it.

0:30:50.2 BL: And really getting in and feeling that knowing in your body and really honoring you. You can’t get away from it, it’s who you are, the spirit, the soul, the essence of you, is the core of you, and if it’s out of alignment, it’s going to show up in emotions, mind and body. Once you start to calm those things, what’s left is what wants to come into your life and be expressed and be born through you at this time, and that might be the next thing for your career, or it might be to have more fun and play with your hobbies or it might be to get out of this toxic environment, or it might be to put boundaries up with this person who’s not treating you well or whatever it is. And that all ties into, ironically, you coming home to truth of who you were born as and living from the beliefs that you are good enough and you’re worthy and you’re deserving and you’re complete, and which I believe that sometimes people don’t have.

0:31:45.6 CS: I love that, I have my little morning ritual that I do, I spend some time, not every day, but on most days, checking in. I do a form of muscle testing in my office, so I’m comfortable with that modality with my patients, and then, I have that check-in in my body of what’s yes, what’s no, and it’s kind of a pulling one way or another. I try to sit from my clear space, it’s like, “Should I move forward with this? Is this person aligned?” And even when you’re asking the question, before even you might get the response in your body, you’re opening the space to connect to your knowingness already. I think modern life is geared to distract us from that connection so that we are trying to always look for answers outside of ourselves, or never spend the time to be comfortable asking those questions, so I just love that you said that. Of course, it’s an evolving process within my own life but I find a lot of connection and guidance from that space.

0:32:53.3 BL: Very beautiful and so important. Sometimes I find a tendency to not want to be still with yourself, to tune in to that, because when you’re still with yourself, you’ll see everything. The answers that maybe you’re not ready to hear because it’s too confronting to see where you may need to go or what you may need to let go of, and if people are in that space, it’s just part of the journey. I think this is why a lot of people aren’t still, because it’s not comfortable to be with what you see, but what you see is often the doorway to the greatest evolution of yourself and your life, if you’re willing to be with it. One of the biggest best shifts I made in my life in terms of how I operate and approach things is, I set a mantra for myself in 2018–that I will only do what resonates, with people who resonate. If I don’t feel resonance, it’s a no. That’s my body saying no, that’s my spirit saying no, and I don’t know why it’s no, but it’s a no, and that’s just it.

0:33:47.0 BL: The more I’ve tuned into that, and I do muscle testing too and I can feel it, in the body, but I can also pendulum test it and I do muscle testing and various things I do, I’ve trained in PSYCH-K and different things. I would have thought, “Who is this quirky, weird person? That’s not how you run your business.” I’m like, “Oh yes, that is how I run my business, and I have never been happier.” It’s so grounding and calming and it’s just everything to be able to come from that space, and zone out all the noise and the logic-ing of everything. I love my left brain because I’m heavily logical and analytical, now I’m almost 43, and it’s only in the last three years that I’ve really come much more deeply into integrating those two sides and integrating being functional and practical and logical in this world and bringing forth this deep spirit and body and that is going to lead, and hello logical mind you’re here to do a job and I’ll give you your job description–and you can follow the lead rather than charging ahead from that perspective alone.

0:34:55.4 CS: I just turned 40 and I am in the same boat. I’m in this new chapter of my own life. I mean, what an opportunity, the silver lining of 2020 to have this huge break and pause in life and approach it from a different energy. I think that’s what we’re all being called to do. However, on the flip side of that, there is more fear and distraction than ever before, so a worry through that space.

0:35:32.1 BL: I don’t know about you, but last year, I noticed that aside from all the fear and stress and concern that was globally happening, I noticed for myself, and for a lot of people I know, and with clients, that it was bringing up stuff that was, perhaps, not conscious, that was very personalized and unique and had nothing to do with what was going on, but it was like this ‘everything’ coming up. Heck, I had stuff come up, and I was like, I did not even know that was there.

0:35:55.5 CS: Yes, I think for everybody, there was this collective, global experiencing happening, but nobody could escape in their own microcosm of their own experience. There were so many catalysts and so many things that had to be disrupted. I saw that within my patients, within my own life, within my family. I think that we’re in a very intense time as a collective. Again, I’m an optimist, so I see it as an intense time for transformation and changes that so desperately need to happen, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth. It’s just going to take that consistent dedication to the reality we want to create together.

0:36:45.0 BL: Exactly. It can be super unpleasant and most transformative times unfortunately are. This dissolution of the caterpillar, like the cocoon before it births a new phase of its life. I think back to all that purging last year, and I think the gift of it… I mean I use what I’m talking about now, these inner peace strategies, these are things I do every day, the breathing, the mindset nurturing, the emotional acknowledgement of what’s there, a gentle allowing of it, and releasing, and then tuning into spirit. And now, I’m at a stage where I am just obsessed with, if I notice what I call shadows, if I notice a shadow, like I’m going about my day and it’s like, what is this weird feeling I’m having? What is bothering me? Something’s bothering me. I’m a little agitated. It’s almost like I just tune and look, and it’s like, I just don’t feel right about that conversation or I’m just really worry about this thing and I just won’t allow it to sit there anymore. I’ll immediately use the breathing, do some tapping. Okay, what’s a different way of looking at this? How could this be showing up because it’s gifting something to me? This horrible thing, whatever it is. Just really tune in for a yes or no, using these tools so that you don’t carry layers and layers and layers and layers and layers into every new day.

0:38:02.9 CS: What a great tip, what a good pearl. You don’t have to wait for your appointment to get that all cleared. You can just choose in that moment to do that work. I think that’s a great, great pearl, for sure. This has been such a fun conversation for me and so much fun getting to know you and your work and your perspective. As we start wrapping up, Bernadette, is there anything that you feel most inspired by now, or most passionate about as you enter this new year, and all of these things people are going through, as you continue to help people and be a source of guidance and inspiration? I’m just curious.

0:38:42.7 BL: That’s a great question, and it ties in with what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve just done my soul series and workshop that I do every year, so that’s really top of my mind, but it is my core message. It’s the message that I’ve always had on my website about the reason I’m doing this work, and that is, we’re walking around in life forgetting who we really are. And we are spirit first, we are souls here on a journey, we are magnificent, and in every single way, no matter what shows up in your body, no matter what’s showing up in your life, no matter what you don’t have that you want, no matter what you do have that you don’t want, you are 5000% undoubtedly good enough, complete and not missing a single thing, worthy and deserving, completely, valid, and spiritually supported in ways that would blow your mind if you could perceive it with your senses.

0:39:32.5 BL: That is not the reality that you’re seeing when you open your eyes every morning. It’s just so important, in whatever way people may be listening. They may be religious, they may be not religious but spiritual, they may be atheist, they may be whatever, to find your way to, “I am more than this noise in my mind and what I was conditioned to believe growing up.” And all the challenges I’m facing in my life, which by the way, are very real that I’m having to deal with, I can instantly now with no work, with no amount of healing for five months or whatever it is, with no amount of work, instantly right now claim that I was born whole and complete. When I popped into the world as a baby, there was nothing about that baby that was not good enough. There was nothing unworthy about it, there was nothing that baby was missing. And that is how I am, I just got bigger, and my mind went off in all sorts of directions, and life has been challenging in all sorts of ways. But if you can always connect back to plugging back into the truth that that’s who you are, and go look in the mirror and look in your own eyes…I always get people to get a baby photo and look at their baby photo, and I don’t know what it is about doing that, it’s the eye connection. Just don’t ever, ever, ever lose sight of that, because the conditioning and experiences we go through carry us so far away from there. I think if you did nothing else and you could just reconnect to that and really sense that, that in itself is so healing on so many levels.

0:40:53.2 CS: What a beautiful message that you have, and what beautiful work you’re doing. Bernadette, if people want to find out more about your amazing website, and all of the courses that you do, and all the work that you put out there, where can people learn more?

0:41:07.0 BL: They can come to thedailypositive.com.

0:41:08.0 CS: What a great site!

0:41:08.2 BL: We’ve got loads of free resources, loads of free resources for all areas of life. There’s free audio downloads if you want to nurture your mind, there’s lots of free resources about emotional healing, there’s free video series about inner peace, anything and everything that you could imagine. We’ve got a health and healing audio to help people remember their innate healing capacity in their body and to start to trust their body more. There’s lots of stuff going on there, if you go to thedailypositive.com and find the free resources on the menu.

0:41:41.2 CS: Love it, love it. Well, thank you so much for being part of the podcast, and thank you for all the wonderful work you’re doing in the world. We can’t thank you enough.

0:41:48.7 BL: Thank you. It was such a pleasure to be here and spend the time with you. Thank you, Christine.

0:41:51.7 CS: Of course. Alright, well, I hope you enjoyed my podcast today with Bernadette Logue, and I hope that you found some insights and strategies to get through your day and to remain positive and soul-aligned during this time. Please check out her website, thedailypositive.com, and have a beautiful day.