Kelly Kennedy Podcast #53

Bio-logical Medicine and the Lymphatic System

The body’s lymphatic system is like the interconnected pathways of health. Kelly Kennedy discusses how toxic health stressors and a lack of proper nutrition cause a breakdown in a person’s immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation, a leading cause to dis-ease.

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Kelly Kennedy Bio

Kelly Kennedy is a biological holistic nutritionist whose studies began more traditionally as a pre-med student at Cornell University, receiving a degree in Biology. Her father had Hodgkin’s disease and passed away when she was just 20 years old. That same year she was in a bad car accident that left her in chronic pain, emotionally drained and her life in a state of upheaval.

After 3 years of succumbing to the contemporary allopathic approach without results, Kelly finally sought out a different approach and got relief from her pain permanently. Kelly did not understand precisely how she had healed, but knew she had found the answers she was seeking. Kelly began studying and working with Ian Kennedy and a skilled, passionate practitioner was born.

Kelly continues to study with many pioneers in biological medicine allowing her to accentuate her already vast experience in biological medicine, while giving her the ability to reach even more clients with a wellness approach that is truly “Bio-logical.”

Kelly specializes in Computerized Regulation Thermography and pleomorphism, spending the time needed with each client to be sure they have an understanding of what the test is indicating, what therapies may be suggested and why. She also offers nutritional guidance and performs therapies to improve the client’s regulation. To say Kelly is busy is an understatement; her guidance and enthusiasm are vital to the function of True Wellness and to the success of each client.

Kelly is on the Board of Advisors for