Luminara Serdar #54

Autism and the Underlying Causes


Today’s podcast guest is Luminara Serdar.  Join us as we discuss:

+The role environmental toxins may have in autism

+Vagus nerve stimulation and other detoxification benefits to autism

+Autism awareness or higher instance rates in modern autism diagnoses

+Life practices to combat toxic burdens

Here are some topics and timestamps to support your experience.

[00:00] Intro
[04:57] The frameworks on autism and its prevalence modernly
[10:28] Holistic view of autism
[17:47] Luminara Serdar’s introduction to autism
[19:59] Vagus nerve stimulation and other detoxification benefits in autism
[22:55] Awareness or higher instance rate in autism diagnosis
[27:00] Life practice to combat toxic burdens
[32:28] Ending

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