Dr. Todd Watts Podcast #6
Parasites and Chronic Illness: What Can We Do?


Dr. Todd Watts is here to talk to us about parasites and their role in Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses. Most importantly, he’s here to help give us some direction on how we can move forward. Dr. Watts also shares his own health journey with us, how he develops his products, and how they can be used clinically. Dr. Todd Watts is a National Board Certified chiropractic physician, a functional wellness practitioner, and is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association. His passion helping others restore their health so they can live their true purpose stems from his journey from overcoming his own health struggles. Click here to learn more about the 6-Week Parasite Challenge! For more from Dr. Todd Watts, visit https://drtoddwatts.com/.

What You’ll Be Learning About

  • Parasites and their role in Lyme Disease

  • Other Chronic Illnesses that can be related to parasites

  • Dr. Watts Personal Journey to Wellness

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Please enjoy the transcription HERE