Lisa Rudy Williams Podcast #63

Biohack Your Way Beyond Lyme

Dr. Christine Schaffner was honored to interview Lisa Rudy Williams, her dear friend and patient. Her journey is a gift to share to others and how people who are in the same boat can heal. They talk about the biggest challenges in a Lyme disease treatment journey, the most important factor in helping you recover your health, and how to “Biohack Your Way Beyond Lyme”.

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Lisa Rudy Williams Bio

Lisa Rudy Williams is a personal coach, biohacking consultant, and alternative health educator. Her mission is to empower individuals to believe in themselves, set a vision for the future and experiment with curiosity in every area of their life. Lisa is passionate about working with people who are ready to take charge of their health by adopting the mindset of a biohacker. With her background in neuroscience and clinical research, she brings a unique perspective to helping clients. The brain-body connection is an important part of her work.

As a former biology teacher and personal trainer, Lisa enjoys conducting ongoing biohacking experiments on herself and collaborating with like-minded individuals. Having battled back from the brink of late-stage Lyme disease and other major health challenges, Lisa is uniquely experienced in working with clients who are struggling to achieve wellness. Through her programs, she provides one-on-one coaching and group mentoring to motivated clients.

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