Dr. David Jockers Podcast #69
The Intermittent Fasting Transformation


Dr. David Jockers, the author of The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough and the podcast host of Dr. Jockers Functional Nutrition, gives us the simplified and thorough break-down of intermittent fasting. It’s a vast and open conversation that gives you fresh perspectives and approaches to how you can implement this lifestyle yourself.

Even Dr. Christine opens up in this episode, sharing her own lifestyle struggles and the next steps she’s taking in her own journey through pregnancy.

To get more info and regular content from Dr. Jockers, head to his popular website, DrJockers.com. To read the blog mentioned in the episode, go to drjockers.com/menstrual-cycle/.

His new book, which is being released in October 2020, is called Fasting Transformation.

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