Caitlin Thompson Podcast #71
Psychedelics & Kambo for Chronic Illness


In this episode, we meet with Caitlin Thompson, a Kambo practitioner and founder of EntheoZen. And things get very sciency. So if you’ve ever wanted to understand the power of psychedelics, this is the episode for you.

Caitlin conducts independent scientific research on the potential of psychedelic compounds as a novel approach to autoimmune conditions, as well as the first human kambo studies. Her greatest passion is sharing her healing journey and using it to inspire and empower others with the knowledge that everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves.

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  • Psychedelics is a form of plant medicine that has great biochemical and physiological effects, which isn’t necessarily a woo-woo experience. It can be, but more so, it reduces inflammatory stress that overwhelms the body and creates chronic illness.
  • Our chronic stress response is not supposed to be engaged as frequently as we currently experience within our society. As was discussed in Jodi Cohen’s episode, Caitlin furthers this conversation and expands on the impacts of being in fight or flight mode. In that, it shuts down any non-essential processes that aren’t necessary to run away from danger. As in, it tells the body to no longer worry about attending to things like digestion and chronic infections. That would be fine momentarily, but when we live in a constant state of chronic stress, our body is being told to ignore these processes completely, becoming a major factor in the development of chronic illness.
  • What psychedelics provide is the opportunity to release trauma through an incredible cathartic experience. They shake up your brain and help you become unstuck. It’s not only spiritual, but it’s also a biochemical reaction that occurs when you let go of the traumas that burden you. 
  • Kambo is not actually a psychedelic. It is a non-hallucigen that creates a similarly powerful experience for reducing inflammatory stress. Kambo comes from the Giant Monkey Frog and is administered topically.

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