Dr. Stephanie Seneff Podcast #74
The Air We Breathe and COVID-19


Welcome to The Luminary Talk series! This is the second in a collection of 10 episodes where Dr. Christine introduces you to her dear colleagues to help you dive into fresh perspectives and wellness insights as we navigate this unique time in our lives.


  • How infectivity around curtailing the current global health crisis and rising death rates is highly skewed toward countries that make heavy use of glyphosate and biofuel production.
  • The hypoxia response in the current viral infection is intended to shut down mitochondrial ATP production, in order that the mitochondria can concentrate their efforts on supplying deuterium-depleted water to the intermembrane space.
  • Heme oxygenase is sharply upregulated in acute cases of this illness, and it normally tames inflammation. But glyphosate’s disruption of the protein causes it to be pro-oxidative instead, and interferes with its ability to deplete deuterium in the mitochondria. 
  • The massive vascular inflammatory response that associates with death in acute cases of the illness is a last-ditch effort to supply the body’s mitochondria with deuterium-depleted water.

QuoteOn what are the most helpful elements to implement in COVID-19

“Sunlight, or Vitamin D, is really helpful to boost your immune system. That’s the most important thing you can do to protect from COVID-19. And also eating lots of herbs and spices. They carry molecules that are going to help to transport sulfate and solve the problem. They’re going to help you to deplete material. Along with the healthy fats, and glacier water if you can get a hold of water that’s naturally depleted.”

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