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Lisa Rudy Williams Podcast #63

Dr. Christine Schaffner was honored to interview Lisa Rudy Williams, her dear friend and patient. Her journey is a gift to share to others and how people who are in the same boat can heal. They talk about the biggest challenges in a Lyme disease treatment journey, the most important factor.

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Kelly Kennedy Podcast #53

The body’s lymphatic system is like the interconnected pathways of health. Kelly Kennedy discusses how toxic health stressors and a lack of proper nutrition cause a breakdown in a person’s immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation, a leading cause to dis-ease.

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Palmer Kippola Podcast #41

The author of “Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health”, Palmer Kippola, shares how her personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis has set her on a journey to help others fight complex chronic conditions.

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Wonderful show that is easy to listen to, but also challenging and inspiring for deeper exploration of the areas of health we are interested in. Thank you Dr. Schaffner for making it available to everyone.

Tanya M

Dr. Schafffner and her incredibly knowledgeable guests cover everything in the wide world of wellness, but in a fun, educational, and approachable way that everyone can understand and enjoy! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Christine - keep up the great work!

Katie B

I am loving the Spectrum of Health podcast. Dr. Christine jam packs every episode with awesome content, educational guests, and entertaining topics regarding all things health, wellness, anti-aging, organic skin care and more. Highly recommended.

Jen S