2023 Professional Mentorship

An Exclusive 6-Month Program
with Dr. Christine Schaffner

May 22nd-November 27th, 2023

“To change matter with matter takes time. When you change the field, you change matter.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Join me in building the future of medicine together.

Are you struggling on how to navigate patient care
in the ever increasing stressors of modern life?

Do you desire new strategies and understanding to
truly treat the root cause of your patient’s struggles?

Do you desire community and a network of practitioners to collaborate with?

Are you ready to be part of the Future of Medicine?

I personally invite you to join me in my next Professional Mentorship Program.
We are navigating an ever increasing amount of stress in our patient’s terrain, which is inviting us to stay on the leading edge of medicine.

I believe this leading edge is bringing the knowledge of our Quantum Biology, Biofield, and Bioenergetics into our clinics.

“The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

~ Albert Einstein

This experience is like no other.

Experience a quantum leap with me as we bridge quantum biology, biofield science with bioregulatory and functional medicine to create the Future of Medicine together.

Four Immersive Location Trainings

We will meet for 4 powerful, one-of-a-kind on-site immersions with leaders in integrative medicine.

Seattle, WA

Go Inside Immanence Health Clinic

Explore the world-renowned clinic and deep dive into full spectrum healing as you discover over a dozen health-building protocols guided by Dr. Christine Schaffner and her stellar team of practitioners.

San Diego, CA / Tijuana, MX

ISLA Conference & Nube Health Clinic

Learn the latest in laser therapy at the ISLA Conference. Then journey to Tijuana, home of  one of most progressive integrative clinics in the world, as Jennifer Miele introduces the newest protocols in photodynamic therapy.

Marble Falls, TX

Learn & Observe Biological Dentistry

Step inside Nunnally, Freeman and Owens – an integrative biological dentistry practice. Learn how state of the art technology and techniques such as dental revision and ozone therapy are used to restore health to patients.

Salt Lake City, UT

Discover Futuristic Energy Equipment

Experience pioneering technologies in energy medicine, including a demonstration on a powerful, non-invasive, bioresonance device that can detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies throughout your body. (Disturbances in these frequencies are often a key indicator of distress and disease)

Discover Truly Innovative Models of Medicine

  • Deep Dive into Biological Medicine and a New System of Diagnostics and Therapeutics (a model that has brought hope to thousands of patients and has been used in Europe for decades)

  • Access Dozens of Successful Patient Protocols and Get Monthly Case Studies

  • Learn my Proprietary Chronic Illness & Environment Framework and How to Use it in Your Practice

  • Expand Your Knowledge of the Extracellular Matrix and its Vital Role in Illness and Healing

  • Enhance Your Practitioner's Toolkit with New Techniques that Support Healing from Long-Term Chronic Illnesses such as Lyme, BPA Toxicity, Epstein Barr, Organ Disease, Lung Ailments, Virus Recovery & more...

Science · Collaboration · Education · Impact

As part of this program, you will have access to my online programs, including an in-depth exploration of The EECO™ Patient Protocol which addresses the individual patient’s ecosystem which includes the unique and individualized presentation of symptoms and disease based on the modern-day stressors environment, energetic imprint and more.

Address the Energy Body

Clear blocks to healing and optimize detoxification pathways. Support and educate your patients on environmental detox protocols.

Discover the Impact of Epigenetics and Trauma

Learn how both affect health and healing as well as steps to dissipate the fight or flight response. Get the key tests, therapeutic strategies and resources.

Deep Dive Into Interference Fields

Often the missing link in healing, learn how to identify and address your patient’s hidden interference fields.

The 12 Month Experience Also Includes

Access to Practitioner Membership · Dr. Christine’s Professional Course · Online Community for Think Tank Participants ·  Q&A’s with Dr. Christine (2x per month) · Monthly Intention Circle · One on Ones with Dr. Christine

Please save your seat in this circle NOW.
There are only 12 spots available and I expect them to fill quickly!

A Note From Dr. Schaffner

Disease starts when there are energetic imbalances and blocks in the energy flow in the body. That’s what creates disease—whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Biophysicists are at the forefront of solving age-old human problems by seeing them as interactions between these energy fields – but it is up to us to bring energy medicine to humanity, via our communities, our programs and our practices.

Energy medicine is the frontier of our new medicine—and this Q&A will offer a powerful invitation for you to be at the forefront of this movement and  join me to help create a new prescription for the future of our species. 

As a naturopathic doctor, some of these modalities are taught in school, and they are the scaffolding for everything we do, but with so many new Innovations being born, I have devoted myself, over the last decade, to exploring and sharing what truly works. 

As a health practitioner, I’ve seen many powerful recoveries and have been part of helping patients – who have sometimes seen over two dozen practitioners – to create a strategy around how to use healing modalities that support their body to do the thing it was designed to do: To heal. 

Whether you are an MD, and ND, a nurse practitioner, a health coach, a nutritionist… You are in a position to influence those who are charting a new life out of the wreckage of illness, injury and despair.

I hope you will join me and let me support your journey.

To the mission, 

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Please save your seat in this circle NOW.
There are only 12 spots available and I expect them to fill quickly!

As Dr. Joe Dispenza said, it takes a collective network of observers to change reality.

It is that transformative power that inspired me to create a network within my own community that will spark a vibrant dialogue with practitioners committed to bringing forth the future of medicine.

Who Decides the Future of Medicine?

It is my firm belief that we decide. That in today’s digital age we can go directly to humanity – and help them understand and have agency over their lives and their health – and their loved ones.

It is impossible to showcase any individual case – but imagine countless mothers searching for solutions for sick children – or stewarding a grandparent through advanced aging… this is an every single day reality. They are using Dr. Google and struggling with what is accurate and relevant.  

What do I see working? What supports recovery from viruses, chronic illness, pain, mold exposure, long-term Lyme and many other health hurdles that rob our patients of their lives, bit by bit.

Join Me and Help Define the Future of Medicine

(Only 12 Spots Available)

For questions about Dr. Christine’s 2022 Think Tank, please email info@drchristineschaffner.com.

* Personal travel and accommodations for retreats not included.

Copyright © 2021 Dr. Christine Schaffner

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