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What If Chronic Illness Was MORE Than Symptoms & Diagnoses?

Join the Chronic Illness Recovery Protocol Program

In this program you will gain the knowledge and acquire the tools over 5 modules that will help you identify toxins, detox your home environment and maintain a home that can support healing!

Stop Suffering and Understand How to Reboot and Rehab Your Lymph.

Join the 7-Day Lymphatic Rehab Blueprint Program

Lymph congestion is one of the most PERVASIVE and SUBTLE causes of all disease. This program will help you find the natural rhythms of detoxification BUILT IN to your body that can lead to long lasting health.

Get Ready to Study the Future of Medicine!

Join Dr. Schaffner’s Professional Level Training Program

This program is designed for Health Professionals and will transform your way of practicing as Dr. Schaffner shares her Innovative Model of Medicine, Patient Protocols, and Chronic Illness & Environment Frameworks.

If Modern Medicine has failed you, then you have found your community!

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