Spring is the perfect time to detox your body

Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Body This Spring Using This Botanical Medicine Made By Extracting From Most Potent Healing Effects from Plant Stem Cells

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

From: Dr. Christine Schaffner

Naturopathic Physician and Detoxification Expert

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Hello, everyone!  I’m Dr. Christine Schaffner, and I wanted to share two products that I’m super excited about during this time of Spring.

When we think about Springtime, we think about spring cleansing..  And we take a moment to reflect on and reflect on how we can really support our organs of elimination.  And with that inspiration, we also see all the fresh buds and shots of the plants and the trees and the flowers as they start to bloom.  Spring is a potent time for healing and growth.

In that spirit, there’s a lesser-know field of botanical medicine called gemmotherapy, which I’d like to share a little about gemmotherapy with you today.  My personal experience with gemmotherapy has been profound.  It has really shifted my body at unique times in my life.  In fact, I’m thrilled that I connected with a pioneer in the field of gemmotherapy, a woman named Jennifer Peyer, who is the owner and founder of Nature Provides, a company dedicated to bringing plant stem cells into the mainstream world.

Now Everyone Can Harness The Potent Power of Biodynamically-Grown Plant Stem Cells to Detoxify, Rejuvenate and Reset Your Body's Elimination Organs using Gemmotherapy...

Nature Provides sources these wonderful embryonic plant stem cells from Italy.  It’s a biodynamically grown farm where they pick the fresh buds and shoots of the plants during springtime and they time that in a way where they get the most potent healing effect from the plants.

And what happens afterward is that they make what we call a glycerin adn alcohol master, so it’s a combination of alcohol and glycerin to extract the healing potential from the plants.  And then there’s a specific proces where they bring the ash, and put it back into the formulas to enhance the mineral content of these formulas.

Gemmotherapy has traditionally been known to really help support the extracellular matrix support the lymphatics

So, when we think about the need for spring cleaning, we can feel that we’re coming out of winter, so we can emerge from the sluggish and slower times of year into the regenerative growth of spring.

But spring also has a bellweather hallmark: allergy season.

The great news is that allergies can be modulated and mitigated, especially when your body is in a cleansing process.    So if you’re struggling with fatigue, or brain fog,  or sinus congestion, allergies, weight gain or even gut issues, this is a good time to think about cleansing and supporting your body with a detox.

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Here's What I Use Myself, And Recommend To My Patients for an Effective Spring Detox...

Introducing - Total Body burden detox
Nature Provides TOTAL BODY'S BURDEN DETOX - 25ml
Nature Provides has a product called total TOTAL BODY’S BURDEN DETOX, and I have it this is my that I’ve been taking myself, and prescribing this a lot in the clinic. It’s a combination of gemmotherapies, and I love it.  It has black currant, that’s really wonderful for the adrenals.  And again, we’re detoxing and supporting our body against histamine and allergies, so it’s really good to have adrenal support. There’s also crab apple, dandelion, European alder, horse chestnut, juniper, rosemary, rye, and silver birch sap. This combination of gemmotherapies helps to detoxify the liver cells, support the kidneys, electrolyte balance and getting rid of excess water, which is really good for the circulatory system because the circulatory system is really important for our body’s ability to move our lymphatic system. Then it’s also good for the lymph.

I've been taking one tablespoon twice a day, you can put it in a little water if you'd like but I actually enjoyed the tastes of them.

And then whenever we’re moving lymph and bile and you know, just basically metabolic wastes and toxins out of the extracellular matrix. 

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An because it's always great to pair these tools and strategies with a binder....

So, what I recommend Cell Core’s HM-ET Binder. That’s what I’m taking right now. Many of you know it’s my favorite binder. I love that it’s very comprehensive to help with heavy metals, environmental toxicants. They’re the bioactive carbons that Cell Core has created. And I love that you can take this with or without food.

The recommended dose is two capsules, twice a day with or without food.

So treat yourself to spring cleaning and enjoy the really potent powerful properties of plant stem cells and this really wonderful binder that is very easy to take not constipating and is a really good synergistic pairs. So please share your feedback and how that goes for you. And I’m hoping that you feel lighter and more energy and can really enjoy this transition into spring on this springtime season.

Thank you so much!

Dr. C
Christine Schaffner, NC

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