Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #241

The Journey of Gemmotherapy: From Italian to Plant Cells | Episode 241

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of creating a collaborative episode with Jennifer Payeur, host of the Wellness Sherpa Podcast, with a mission to transform health and well-being through organic, plant remedies. After an incredible week-long adventure together in Italy, we felt inspired to share everything we learned and experienced during this journey. We uncover the inspiration behind the trip – to let practitioners experience the intentional process of creating plant stem cell products firsthand. We also discuss how life in Italy differs from that in the United States and what we can learn from it. I’m so grateful to partner with Jennifer on bringing this powerful information not only to my practice but to everyone listening!

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • The inspiration behind the Italy trip – is to let practitioners experience the intentional process of creating plant stem cell products firsthand
  • Northern Italy – witnessed sustainable harvesting of plant buds containing structured cellular water
  • Southern Italy – experienced nourishing food and connected community over long meals
  • Manufacturing facility – combines spirituality with rigorous scientific testing for high-quality
  • Custom machines invented by Dr. Canelo to enable specific manufacturing techniques
  • Nanotechnology creates “quantum carbon dots” that can easily traverse the body
  • Witnessed bio-photonic glow of nanoparticles, evidence of coherence between biochemistry and quantum physics
  • And so much more!


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Jenn Payeur:

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About Jennifer Payeur

If you’ve ever met Jennifer, you’ll know she’s had a love of nature and a deep respect for the environment from a young age. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, she began exploring the healing power of plants more extensively and spent her free time pursuing many holistic modalities (medicinal aromatherapy, energy healing, family constellation, etc.).

Jennifer felt called to share what she was learning with others as she reclaimed her health. In 2017, she left her 29-year career in finance to become a teacher and mentor, educating others on the healing properties found in nature. This leap of faith empowered her to start Nature Provides in 2019 with the mission of transforming health and well-being through organic, plant remedies (gemmotherapy and essential oils).

Jennifer believes that by collaborating with nature, we can achieve a healthy, thriving world and a sustainable earth.