Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #220

The Master Plant Experience: From Soil to Soul with Dr. Maya Shetreat | Episode 220

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What can master plants and indigenous science teach us about trauma, reality, and accessing healing on quantum levels? I explore these fascinating topics with my dear colleague Dr. Maya Shetreat, integrative neurologist and author of Master Plants and the Science Behind Psychedelic Medicine.

Make sure to check out Dr. Maya Shetreat’s Quatum Drops as well as how to get in touch with her in the resources tab below.

Key Notes From This Episode:

  • Cellular memory and how childhood trauma embeds in our cells and physiology
  • Indigenous science and the serpent myths represent our DNA as a fractal antenna
  • Sensory gating and how plant medicines can open us to perceive greater realities
  • The difference between master plants and psychedelics
  • How indigenous healers received plant wisdom through visions, leading to many pharmaceuticals
  • Moving from psychedelic tripping to quantum dosing with Dr. Maya’s new Quantum Drops
  • And so much more!


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Maya Shetreat, MD:

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About Maya Shetreat, MD

Dr. Maya Shetreat is an adult and pediatric neurologist who believes we can inhabit more than one identity. She has spoken around the world and been featured in the New York Times, NPR and Dr. Oz – and she also listens and talks to plants every day. She is a mystic and ancient astrologer who is grounded in mitochondria, the microbiome and mycelial science. She is an herbalist, artist, ceremonialist, urban farmer, and forager. She is the author of two books, The Master Plant Experience: The Science, Safety, and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics (2023) and The Dirt Cure (2016) which has been translated into 10 languages.

Dr. Maya is an expert in many things and also always endeavors to remain a beginner.

Dr. Maya created Quantum Drops, also known as Ceremony in a Bottle, a vibrational psychedelic Master Plant product that is legal, safe and deeply transformative. She is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she offers free ceremonies, microdosing coaching, and Portal, a training for those who want to become psychedelic-informed professionals.