Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #230

The Moon and Menopause with Masami Covey | Episode 230

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In this episode, I dive deep into the fascinating world of lunar cycles and women’s health with my guest, Masami Covey. We explore how the moon influences our hormones, sleep patterns, and overall well-being, especially during menopause and post-menopause. Masami shares her expertise on how women can support their hormonal balance by aligning with the moon’s phases and offers practical tips for tuning into our personal lunar cycles. We also discuss the power of creating a global community of women who support each other through these cycles, leading to a quantum field of coherence and well-being.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that will change how you view your health and connection to the moon. Be sure to check the links down below for Masami’s free gift and links to her website and YouTube channel for more valuable resources. 

Key Notes From This Episode:

  • The Moon’s influence on your biology
  • Lunar Cycles and Women’s Health
  • Circadian vs Circulunar rhythm
  • Honoring the Dark Moon phase (especially during menopause and post-menopause)
  • And so much more!


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About Masami Covey

Masami leads women in rediscovering the Wisdom of Lunar Cycles—through menopause and beyond—applying a blend of Japanese Moon Medicine, physiology, nutritional science, and 25+ years of clinical experience.  Masami was born and raised in Japan in a bi-cultural family, and she draws from her East-West blend of culture, language, science, and energy medicine. Masami holds an M.S. in International Business, and her professional training includes Functional Nutritional Therapy (FNTP), Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT), Positive Neuroplasticity, Ayurveda, and Applied Linguistics.