Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #242

The Most Fundamental Approach to Your Hormones and Sleep with Barton Scott | Episode 242

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with a returning guest, Barton Scott, owner of Upgraded Formulas. We dive deep into the idea that mineral deficiencies are at the root of many chronic health conditions. Our fascinating discussion centers around iron metabolism, a topic that has always intrigued me. Join our discussion to find out how minerals impact hormones, energy levels, and sleep quality, while also learning how a hair analysis can reveal your mineral levels.

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Key Notes From This Episode:

  • Iron can be stored up to ten times higher in tissues than in blood, often leading to misdiagnoses of iron anemia.
  • The body recycles 96% of the iron we take in.
  • Iron excess in tissues forces the body to use more magnesium to maintain ideal blood pH.
  • High iron levels can cause premature graying as iron plus oxygen equals oxidation (rusting).
  • Hair mineral testing provides a better picture of mineral status than blood tests.
  • There’s a fascinating connection between nutrition and personality traits, which can affect relationships.
  • Magnesium and copper deficiencies are almost always present in cases of chronic fatigue.
  • Success in health comes down to “bio harmony” – matching supplements to how food is naturally broken down in the body.
  • And so much more!


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Barton Scott:

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About Barton Scott

Barton Scott is a biochemist, nutritionist, and researcher. For the last 6 years, Barton has been the Founder and Process Developer behind Upgraded Formulas.

Barton is passionate about helping people address the stressors of daily life, poor sleep, hormone issues, low energy, the toxicity of the modern world, the extreme lack of nutrients in our food and soil, and the nutrient absorption issues that we all face through education of the human body’s interrelationships. 

Upgraded Formulas also supports Charitywater.org and the great work they do through every sale.