Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #206

The Secret Intelligence of Water: Uncovering Water’s Hidden Messages with Veda Austin and Dr. Christine Schaffner | Episode 206

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Join me, Dr. Christine Schaffner, and guest Veda Austin as we discuss water’s secret powers! In this fascinating episode, speaker and water researcher Veda Austin dives deep into the hidden intelligence of water.

Austin has been studying the life of water for over 9 years. She explains how water can store information, communicate through artistic expression, and develop repeatable hieroglyphic symbols. Through photographs of frozen water, Austin has uncovered water’s ability to reflect human thoughts, emotions, and environments.

You’ll learn:

  • How water creates imagery related to words, dreams, faces, and more
  • That water has an energetic state of health that can be observed and improved
  • About water’s potential role as an observer in near-death experiences
  • How indigenous cultures understood water’s spiritual wisdom
  • Tips for starting your own relationship with water

Austin suggests approaching water with an attitude of gratitude rather than trying to control or domesticate it. Let this mind-expanding conversation change the way you think about and interact with water in your daily life.

Key takeaways:

  • Water has hidden intelligence and can store information
  • Through freeze photography, water creates images reflecting human influence
  • Water has an energetic state of health that responds to human intention
  • Many cultures understood water as a spiritual teacher
  • Developing a gratitude-based relationship with water is recommended

You’ll never look at a glass of water the same way again after tapping into its secret intelligence!


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About Veda Austin 

Veda is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist  and author. She has dedicated the last 10 years observing and photographing the life of water. She believes that water is fluid intelligence, observing itself through every living organism on the planet and in the Universe. Her primary area of focus is photographing water in its ‘state of creation’, the space between liquid and ice. It is through her remarkable crystallographic photos that water reveals its awareness of not only Creation, but thought and intention through imagery. 

​Veda brings a message of hope and joy from the very source of life itself, she says “Water is transparent, it knows no colour, creed or religion. Water does not judge, nor does it label, it will enter the body of an ant as easily as it will enter the body of a king, or a homeless person or a tree or a dragonfly. Water is our constant companion, from the moment we are conceived it is always with us…even upon death, it is water that evaporates from the physical rising upwards into the Heavens. Veda sees water as Source rather than a resource, and considers all bodies of water to be sacred. Her passion for water extends out of the freezer and into primary schools where she donates time teaching water science and cleverly intertwines it with art projects. She loves to reconnect children to the living water systems inside and outside of their bodies, believing that the ‘tamariki’ (children) are the water bearers of the future. She also spends a lot of time doing interviews and podcasts where she shares her findings and inspiring perspectives.