Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #196

 Unlocking the Healing Potential of Clean Beauty  with Lauren Vogt and Dr. Christine Schaffner

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I had a fantastic conversation with my dear friend Lauren Vogt, co-founder of  Lumvi Skincare, about the healing power of clean beauty products and how they can become a vital part of our healing journey. We dove into Lauren’s personal experience of creatingLumvi, and how the younger generation is driving the clean beauty movement forward.


Together, we explored the interconnectedness of our skin’s cellular environment and how taking good care can create fundamental changes in our skin. We also discussed the excellent benefits of lymphatic massage, the importance of consistency to achieve desired results, and the rising need for clean makeup options. 

Don’t miss this insightful chat, packed with tips and tricks for crafting a hand-prepared skincare routine that supports your overall healing.

Listen in to learn more : 

  • The importance of clean beauty and creating a good skincare routine.
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of our skin’s cellular environment.
  • The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage and Skincare Routine Tips

Dr. Christine 


Lumvi Skincare – lumviskincare.com 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lumviskin/ 

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About Lauren Vogt

Lauren Vogt is an entrepreneur, brand visionary, and expert at creative e-commerce marketing. After decades of experience, Lauren’s genius lies in creating products, ideating and evolving brands, and taking companies from “content to commerce.” Lauren is a brand visionary who gracefully merges the worlds of tech, marketing, design, PR, and lifestyle to help bring products to life. 

With in-depth and storied experience in tech, food and wine, skincare, and fashion, Lauren brings a unique energy to each product she works with, expertly connecting brands with their ideal audience. At the heart of every good business is connection. Lauren Vogt is, at heart, an expert at connecting people and ideas and empowering consumers to invest in products that will improve their lives. 

Lauren co-founded Lumvi with Dr. Christine Schaffner to bring to life bio-active, organic skincare that focuses on lymphatic health to reveal glowing, radiant skin.