Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #209

Why Total Body Lymph Drainage Matters – With Dr. Christine Schaffner & Diamandia Lingos | Episode 209

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In this new episode of the Spectrum of Health Podcast, join me Dr. Christine Schaffner and my guest, Diamandia Lingos, as she shares how she overcame past trauma, eating disorders, and excessive exercise habits through daily meditation, reading books like The Body Keeps the Score and implementing lymphatic drainage techniques. She discovered the powerful impact of caring for her lymphatic system, which led her to invent a unique stone body gua sha to activate lymph nodes and improve circulation. Diamandia beautifully illustrates her journey to self-love, surrender, and allowing herself to receive what she needs on all levels. She emphasizes the importance of choosing yourself daily and shares how self-care allows you to be the best version of yourself.

Key Notes From This Episode:

  • Trauma and chronic stress can cause inflammation, disease and exacerbate unhealthy habits. Caring for your nervous system and lymphatic system are essential.
  • Lymphatic massage techniques like dry brushing and using gua sha tools can improve circulation, drainage, immunity and overall health.
  • A daily meditation practice helps reprogram the mind, heal from past trauma, and cultivate self-love.
  • You must give yourself permission to take time for self-care – it allows you to thrive in all areas of life.
  • In your 40s and beyond, you can feel and look better than ever through inner work, self-care rituals and healthy habits. It’s never too late for a glow-up!


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About Diamandia Lingos

Diamandia Lingos is an International TED speaker, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, former VP for UFC, Founder of the wellness lifestyle brand DIAMANDA, and prevalent entrepreneur. She is a results-driven visionary and branding leader with over two decades of experience guiding numerous organizations in their creative initiatives, generating millions of dollars in revenue. Her ability to quickly assess situations and create effective solutions is sought after, regardless of the level of adversity. Her company, Diamandia, encompasses all things wellness, luxury, motivation, and alignment. She has built a brand that teaches women to overcome their hardships and build a life of intention. On top of building her company and brand to international recognition, she has built an empire in the real estate sector, focusing on development, investing, and design. Recently, she made her debut on the TEDx stage, sharing how you can choose to turn generational shame and any other shame into your greatest superpower.

Her primary message is to show people how to unapologetically love themselves. Anything is possible when you work hard, believe in yourself, face your fears, and ask for your dreams to come true. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to “F*cking go for it. Stop waiting for the right moment or the right person to come along. Bet on yourself. Put the work into your business AND yourself and choose to do it.”