Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #174

Womb Wisdom and Integrative Pelvic Care | Dr. Beebe Dericks  with Dr. Christine Schaffner 

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On today’s episode of the Spectrum of Health podcast, I am joined today by Dr. Beebe Dericks, a naturopathic Dr, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine specialist, and the founder of Dericks Family Medicine and  Integrative Pelvic Care. We discuss womb wisdom, pelvic pain, c-section birth recovery, and practical tips for practicing good womb health at any age! This is a must-listen for any woman!

I hope that you enjoy this episode! 

– Dr. Christine 

Listen in to learn more about today’s episode: 

  • {09:00} Unwinding Scaring and pelvic pain
  • {14:45} The voice of the womb
  • {18:15} The bladder 
  • {21:55} How to know if your bones have closed
  • {27:00} Things you can do at home for pelvic health and much more! 


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Dr. Beebee will offer several online practitioner-level courses launching in the New Year. These courses are directed to teach practitioners how to pair hands-on work and supplements with pelvic injections for optimal results.

  • Cesarean Birth Recovery
  • Womb Revolution -a guide to caretaking womb health at any age.

Online Appointments and Limited in-person sessions are available in Seattle, WA, and Sandpoint, ID. To make an appointment, please visit Dr. Beebe’s website: https://dericksfamilymedicine.com/contact-us 


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About Dr. Beebe Dericks

Dr. Beebe Dericks is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialist, and founder of Dericks Family Medicine and Integrative Pelvic Care. Dr. Beebe specializes in pelvic health and supports clients worldwide to resolve pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic scar tissue, and endometriosis.  Dr. Beebe teaches Womb Revolution – a guide to caretaking womb health at any age and courses on Cesarean Birth Recovery.

Dr. Dericks received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle,  Washington.  Additionally, Dr. Dericks is the medical education director at World Scholars Academy, a Certified Birth Healing Specialist, and a  guest speaker for Innate Postpartum Care. 

Dr. Beebe co-founded VisRx, a supplement company focused on providing high-quality immune support to all.