Spectrum Of Health Podcast Episode #153

Yogic Wisdom for Energetic Mastery | Hilary Faye with Dr. Christine Schaffner

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This week, we are highlighting Dr. Christine’s favorite interviews while she is on vacation!  Today is another GOOD one! In this episode, Dr. Christine Schaffner sits with Hilary Faye to discuss energy-sensitivity behaviors and to engage with your body. Also, Hilary leads us in beautiful yoga meditation.

Listen in to learn more about: 

  • {01:30} Energetically sensitive people 
  • {05:30} Tools you can use to engage in the world as a sensitive person
  • {09:05} How you can use yoga for today’s stressors
  • {19:00} Tips from Hillary on where to get started 
  • {21:20} Hilary leads us through a yoga meditation 

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About Hilary Faye

Hillary Faye, a down-to-earth spiritual teacher passionate about empowering others to fall in love with themselves and live a purpose-filled and abundant life, overflows onto all she meets.

She is the creator, and lead facilitator of the Awaken Love Registered Yoga School and the co-creator of Mansion of the Heart University (MU). Hillary has certified over a thousand heart-centered alchemists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, reiki masters, energy healers, and intuitive coaches.

Hillary is here to help you re-claim your light and access your inner truth. Hillary is a mentor and trainer of heart-centered alchemists, yoga and meditation teachers, energetic healers, reiki practitioners, and masters. 

She empowers star seeds, earth angels, and empaths to hone their intuitive gifts and step into their roles as energy healers and spiritual teachers.