Your Body Electric: An Introduction to Bioenergetics Energy, Frequency, and Vibrational Healing

To get to the true nature of the body, and how things actually work on a cellular level, you have to look at how energy travels throughout the body. If we consider the body as a series of electromagnetic processes, rather than just chemical ones, there is a new level of understanding of how the body’s bioenergetic fields impact overall health. 

Electromagnetic fields are created when electric currents flow. It’s easy to imagine this process happening when you flip on the light switch, but the body is full of electric currents, too. For example, the brain is constantly sending electrical signals and the heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body. 

Bioelectromagnetism examines the electromagnetic phenomenon in our biological tissues, studying not only how these fields work, but how we can use the body’s bioelectric fields to heal. Using sound waves to break up gallstones as an alternative to surgery is a good example of the use of energy for healing. For centuries acupuncture and meditation have been seen as great energy healing modalities. 

If we consider disease as a disruption of energy in the body, then we can more effectively start the healing process. Having a better understanding of bioelectromagnetic fields and seeking therapies that support how energy moves throughout our bodies is a vital step to addressing chronic illness.

Definitions of Common Terms Used in Bioenergetics

Energy – Any physical matter at the speed of light turns into energy. All matter is made up of energy. 

Frequency – The rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio and light waves). 

Vibration – The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe moves and vibrates; nothing rests.

Electrons – Carry a negative charge and are the primary carrier of electricity in solids. 

Charge – This fundamental property of matter represents positive and negative charges. When an atom has a negative charge, it has a surplus of electrons. 

When an atom has a positive charge, it really is a scarcity of electrons. It’s the electrons in the atom that dictates its charge to the largest planet, there is a flow of energy. Energetic flow is essential to our understanding of bioenergetic interactions. When it comes to energy, flow is everything. Energy does not move erratically, but needs a set path, such as wiring in the walls connecting light fixtures to a switch. 

Current – An electric charge in motion, which is measured in amperes. You can have a direct current, which is the even flow of charge, or an alternating current, which is a back and forth flow. Ampere’s Law states that any electric current flowing through a conductor generates a magnetic field around it. 


Much like the constantly flowing circulatory system, our bodies also have a continually flowing energy system. This bioenergetic system is made up of magnetic fields throughout the body, as organs generate electrical currents that flow through tissues and therefore generate magnetic fields both within and around the body. 

The circulatory system is a good example of a set path of flow in the body. Blood moves in a current, or a flowing fixed path that carries oxygen and other necessary materials throughout the body. Disruptions in the flow of the circulatory system is when disease arises, such as a blockage in an artery causes heart disease. 

Along with flow, energy also has a specific charge, which is an experience of force of something that keeps the current moving. Charge can be either positive or negative. We tend to think in terms of negative being bad and positive being good, but both kinds of charges are necessary for bioelectricity. Neutrality is the absence of charge, which is a disruption of energy. In other words, without charge, there is no current.




Electricity, magnetism and light are manifestations of this same electromagnetic field phenomenon. Electromagnetic waves move through space at the speed of light, with the electric fields perpendicular to the magnetic fields. Remember that a wavelength equals the distance between peaks of a field. So, a charge in motion produces an electric and a magnetic field. The magnetic fields in our bodies can also create currents (Faraday). Many tissues of the human body have helical structures, consider DNA or the structure of collagen. Movement along these coils can increase the ability to induce current flows in tissues, which creates energy flow. 

The body’s electromagnetic field is continuously sending and receiving messages through the transfer of energy. These signals can be disrupted by anything that disrupts the flow of energy, causing disease. When you have a negative and positive charge in the same proximity, you generate an attractive magnetic field. It brings energy towards it. When you have two positive charges in the same vicinity, you create a repulsive magnetic field. The energy moves away from it. 

This concept of attraction and repulsion is essential to our understanding of energy. Attracting healing energy in and repulsing damaging energy out is the key to bioenergetics. The exciting thing is that energy flow can be addressed through a variety of therapeutics, allowing for the healing of chronic conditions. 


Frequency is how energy moves. It is the rate of vibration that occurs that would constitute a wave. For example, imagine water dripping from a faucet into a bucket. A slow drip causes slow ripples in the water to emanate out from the point where the drop hits the water in the bucket. If the water drips faster from the faucet, it creates more ripples in the bucket, or a higher frequency. 

The use of sound waves to remove gallstones as an alternative to surgery is a good example of high energy sound waves to produce a shockwave (a wave that moves faster than sound) at a safe frequency. These sound waves are powerful enough to break up a gallstone without injuring the organs around it. The rate of vibration on these waves is high and are produced at a frequency that is able to impact the stone. 

The frequency of an energy field determines whether or not it will be harmful to the body. Going back to the water dripping in the bucket, the size of the water drop can vary and not affect the frequency. However, the frequency of that drip affects the ripples in the surface and how quickly that bucket fills up. An energy field, like a droplet of water, can be weak or strong and not affect a person at all, but a harmful frequency can affect the body. 

Cell phone radiation is a good everyday example of a harmful frequency. It is supposed to be “safe” because the radiation from a cell phone is considered weak energy. However, cell phone radiation can be extremely harmful because of the frequency that it gives off. 


Vibration is fundamental to understanding how energy and frequency impact the body. Energy is the building blocks to all life, but vibration is how those building blocks move. Frequencies, both low and high, are vibrations. An important concept to understand when talking about frequency and vibration is resonance. Resonance is the process by which a field of a particular frequency can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another. Resonance is how a frequency can be healing or harmful. 

Every living thing has its own frequency that is unique to them, much like a thumbprint. Frequency is based on a number of factors, both genetic and environmental. This natural frequency in every living thing is called a resonant frequency. It is the highest potential of a tissue or organ. Structuring a resonant frequency with a therapeutic modality means the frequency can communicate and transfer energy. The pulses that impact the body’s magnetic fields and induce them back into movement are pulses of vibration.

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The Best Examples of Bioenergetics: The Brain and the Heart

The brain and the heart are two powerful examples of how bioenergy can affect the body. Because of the nature of the electrical current that our constantly pumping hearts generate, it has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. What’s more is that the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain. This powerful magnetic field can be detected up to three feet away from the body (HeartMath Institute). 

While the brain’s magnetic field is not as strong, the frequencies the brain creates are a little more complicated. An example of the brain’s energy in action is the nervous system. The nervous system is an electrical system within the body, a network of over seven trillion nerves. These nerves are continually firing messages back and forth between the body and the brain by electric currents. The process of feeling pain is the nerves sending electrical impulses through connections to the brain. This current of nerves and messages is vital to body function. 


The brain has an electromagnetic flow through brainwaves. These brain waves come in all different frequencies, which is particularly important because the frequency of a brainwave determines what process it creates in the brain. There are four types of brainwaves: 

Delta – Delta is the lowest type of frequency. They are slow and deeply penetrative to magnetic fields. This is the state in which the body experiences a deep restorative sleep that promotes healing. Delta brain waves are what makes sleep so essential to healing. This is the state with the resonant frequency of the brain, where the most healing happens. 

Theta – These brain waves are also a state in sleep, but can also happen during deep meditation or daydreaming. Theta is the gateway to memory and intuition. These brain waves hold the key to memory and understanding of knowledge. 

Alpha – Alpha is the resting state of the awake brain, such as sitting quietly or not really thinking of anything. Alpha brain waves aid in mental coordination, learning, and mind-body integration. 

Beta – Beta waves are the highest frequency of the brain. These waves are progressive thinking and action. They are speedy activities, such as when the body is engaged in problem-solving or focused mental activity. These are the waves most typically found during waking hours. 

The brain and heart are vital to bioenergy in the body through the notion of coherence. Coherence is when two waves and their frequencies match up to one another. When the brain and the heart’s frequencies are in sync, this is the highest state of healing that a person can achieve (Dispenza). 


Seeing the body as energy transference helps us to understand that if one part of the energy flow is out of sync, the whole system cannot function well. You can’t just change a lightbulb to fix a lamp if there is a wiring problem in the walls. Rather than isolating our tissues or organs as individual issues, the body can be seen as a whole and treated as such. 

Having a better understanding of the role that energy movement and flow play in our overall health can lead to healing. We can’t discuss energy and charge without discussing voltage, which is the pressure that moves electrons through a current. Low cell voltage means chronic disease. The body needs enough cell voltage to heal and the cell needs electrons to create that voltage. Through the transference of electrons, the body can not only make new cells, but also keep our current cells healthy (Tennant). 

Improving the number of electrons in cells induces flow, changes currents, and can improve the bioenergetic systems of the body. Therapies that invite more electrons into our systems will have the greatest impact on healing our bodies. 


Grounding, also known as earthing, is a powerful therapeutic technique that brings electrons into our system. Putting our bodies in direct contact with the free electrons on the earth’s surface can boost immunity and reduce inflammation. 

Grounding can be achieved through a number of different methods. The easiest ways to ground are just to walk outside barefoot, but there are other techniques: 

Feel your Feet – This is another quick and easy one. Either sitting or standing, place both feet firmly on the floor (this works best if you don’t wear shoes!) put all your awareness into the bottom of your feet and feel the sensations. You may feel a slight tingling sensation rising up your legs, and you may not. Either way, this technique works to get your body back in touch with the world it is in. Another simple 30-second exercise that gets you in the right mind for grounding. 

Follow your Breath – Close your eyes, and as you inhale, follow your air as it enters your nose and goes into your lungs. On the exhale, follow the air leaving your lungs and exiting through your nose or mouth. This is not the same as forcing your breath in your mind, but instead observing your natural breath as it moves within you. There are multiple different videos online that follow this technique, and it is common in meditation to follow your breath. This technique takes a bit longer, about one to ten minutes, but it is proven to have significant effects not only on your physical health but also on your mental health. 


An electron donor or voltage donor is any substance that gives power to the mitochondria in the cell. Electron donors are used to improve cellular pH and are integral to our ability to make new cells. Some even view health as the degree of electron donors we have available in the body to make new cells. 

One of the best electron donors is Exclusion Zone Water or EZ water. Water has three phases: solid, liquid, and gas, but it has been found that water actually has a fourth phase. This is EZ water. 

EZ water is H3O2 instead of H2O. This water is more viscous and less fluid. The cells of the water are denser and tightly packed together, and this makes it have more electrons for your mitochondria. EZ water can be created by treating water with infrared light, but there are also cases of EZ water found naturally in the world. 

EZ water is found naturally in vegetable juices and fresh spring water, so a simple way to boost your electrons is to drink a fresh green vegetable juice at least once a day. 

Sunlight is another excellent way to get EZ water in your cells. Sunlight is full-spectrum light that has both UV and infrared light, which is used to treat normal water to make it EZ water. The H3O2 forms in your cells when you expose your skin to unfiltered sunlight for a few minutes every day. The more skin you reveal, the more EZ water you’ll make, so try a small dose of healthy sunbathing when you can.

About Dr. Christine Schaffner

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